• Silverstar
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    So Van Mi’s quest to retrieve her heart amounted to nothing.

    Bonesteel’s involvement amounted to nothing.

    Leonardo’s newfound hunting skills amounted to nothing.

    Venus’s shinobi magic amounted to nothing.

    Van Mi’s communicating with the magic first vampire bubble amounted to nothing.

    The threat of the vampires amounted to nothing. Heck, we never even saw them attacking anyone or doing anything beyond flying around, trying to retrieve the heart and doing schtick.

    This show is a nihilist’s dream come true.

    It should’ve been titled Ninja Turtles: A Whole Lotta Nothin’.

  • Otaku World Order
    Otaku World Order
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    So after three episodes of farting around and going in circles, the fourth episode continues almost has stakes with the turtles being captured. Then it quickly dumps that and rushes to the biggest anti-climax.

    Well, thank you for that, show.

  • Jon Protagonist
    Jon Protagonist
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    One other thing I wanted to point out, is how the quality of the costumes and makeup can vary greatly. I actually do think the turtle suits and some of the villains look decent for a live action kids show…but then you have the cheap masks worn by dragon goons for example.

    Phelous accurately mentions Scott McNeil getting nothing to work with character and script-wise, but at least his Sad-Max costume and makeup look halfway decent. Can we all just agree that the stunning Kira Clavell’s vampire suit has a very plastic off-the-rack generic Halloween superhero costume vibe about it?┬áLike everything else on this show, it was a missed opportunity, and suffers from general low effort.

    I think they hate Donatello the most though…not only is he the least featured, but they don’t even remember what his invention does from scene to scene, and his only big moment is getting kicked in the ass.