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    Oh, Eaton’s. I remember you. It was such a weird thing to see them go under. I don’t think there are any real Canadian department stores left now that Zellers is dead too.

    Also, I stupidly said you shouldn’t order a Montreal Canadians jersey from Sears in that catalog episode. It’s Eaton’s you shouldn’t order  Habs jerseys from. And judging by the one in this catalog, that may be truer then I thought.

    Also, I think I may still have some of those white with blue flower casserole dishes that I got from my mother at some point.

    • Jon Protagonist
      Jon Protagonist
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      Never even heard of Eaton’s, (probably because I’m int he USA) but it’s funny how nostalgia works as we all sadly mourn the loss of retail chains we used to believe would be around forever.

      I recommend watching an urban exploration video or two where abandoned department stores and malls are being explored…it’s a very surreal experience for those who remember them in their heydays.

  • Goldstar
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    I’ve never been to Eaton’s nor Zellers, since I live in the U.S., but I can relate to the weird feeling one gets when a store chain that you’ve visited for years shuts down. I honestly believed that Woolworth’s, Montgomery-Ward and Hecht’s would be around forever.

  • likalaruku
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    Oh no… that playset oven looks like my actual oven. I even have the exact same corningware casserole dishes.

    These miniature kitchen things are so cute & high quality.

    The pink stripes on the stuffed animals look like they were colored in by marker.

    One of those robots has a passing resemblance to the one from Chopping Mall.

    I remember reading The Hardy Boys in 5th or 6th grade. My mom read Nancy Drew.

    Whenever I see a coat or couch I want, it’s always from a time older than me.

    I’ve seen some of these reel-to-reel players on Techmoan.