Cutting Class

It’s Brad Pitt’s best film and one of his earlier ones, Cutting Class! Get ready for the big twist of no twist and watch several movies collide into each other!


  • Lux
    Comments: 9

    what a fantastic movie … if they had made dwight pitt the killer, him bulling brian could have been a hint, that he was trying to tease him into getting angry. dwight could have had motives to kill the guy in the beginning and then wanting to set up the guy who already killed would make sense. as would portaying him as a douche. still would have been weak, but better than what they actually went with

    on the one hand i’m glad to see you do another horror movie review; on the other hand this had to few brooklyn 99 and the office jokes – all in all you get a rating of B on a scale from 1 to good.


  • Jon Protagonist
    Jon Protagonist
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    Se7en what?

    12 Monkeys who?

    Fight Club how?

    Hmm, well between this and Cool World…