• SailorSlamDunk
    Just might make the CUT
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    This is the best animation a Dingo movie has ever had. It’s not saying much, but the sequences with the gorillas at the beginning stand out. Much more complex than their usual fair. What’s more, I think a lot of these animations didn’t reappear in later movies, making them Tarzan of the Rainjungle exclusives. I am amay-zed!

  • Aka Guymelef
    Aka Guymelef
    Just might make the CUT
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    Lordy what a movie that was.

    Still, like SailorSlamDunk I must concede that it had the smoothest animation of all yet, along with some new poses too !

    Also having Wabuu blowing the rape horn was quite inappropriate indeed.

    Also nice of you to finally manage to sass the damn raccoon !

  • Aethelred
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    Massive visible garbage area. Even for Dingo that was bad.

  • Memeforce Zwei
    Memeforce Zwei
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    7:23 Speaking of George of the Jungle, the picture you show of it is actually from the second season of the 2007 version of the show which came out almost a decade after the first season ended. That season is also infamous for being very different, very weird, and filled with lots of fetish fuel compared to the first as well.

    14:52 Tarzan/Lord has a powerful ghost protecting him? Is he a stand user in this universe? If he is one then, what would his stand be like?








  • Otaku World Order
    Otaku World Order
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    I’m impressed at how Tarz-Lord can fire a full size arrow out of a blowgun. And now Dingo has given us a scientist dumber then Yeeee the Flying Science Dinosaur.

  • likalaruku
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    I like how every character has at least 2 names.

  • Lux
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    i assume somebody already commented this by now but still:

    “aua” is basically the german version of “ouch”. dingo just didn’t bother with properly translating … what a shock, right?