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    The gags at Night Wolf’s expense really made me laugh in this episode. It’s just so ridiculous how nonsensical their choice for his character was. I mean, sure, it’s kind of better than the stupid native american stereotype that lots of those characters can get saddled with, but man is it ever boring. I don’t even remember him having action scenes, or really that many scenes in general, outside of the computer room. It really shouldn’t be like this; we’ve got a guy who merges with a magic wolf to get super powers, and they can’t think of ANYTHING remotely cool or interesting to do with THAT?!
    Incidentally, I had no idea what that purple monkey thing was, but since you featured it as a prominent joke in the last review and reminded us of it here, I tried looking it up. It took over 10 minutes to find what it actually was, but finally I managed to stumble across Bonzi Buddy, and what it actually did. So thanks for that education-by-proxy, haha.

    Kano being in this show is really confusing. I get why they did it, since he was a memorable, entertaining and popular character from the movie this is supposedly following on from, but him being alive is kind of a massive hole that never gets resolved as far as I can tell. Oh, and I find it REALLY bizarre that, yet again, they have a character only implied to be dead off-screen (this time one we don’t even get to see AT ALL), and yet Shang Tsung was shown ON SCREEN falling to his death and horrifically turning into a decayed corpse, then skeleton. How the hell was THAT okay?! They could’ve shown Sonya’s partner getting captured by Kano, him putting a knife up to his throat, and then a shot of Sonya yelling “NOOOOOO!!” Hell, even Batman the Animated Series and other contemporary and older shows managed that much, but here they didn’t bother… despite, like I said, having death on-screen before.

    Oh one positive I can say for this episode though, I like the way Sonya looks in her cop outfit. It’s kind of neat that they bothered with the details like varying character models. Kano with the hair in the fight being like he was in the movie was a neat touch, even if he did go from bald to full head of hair in the flashbacks (though it’s kind of neat in a sense to show the passage of time between those events). And heck, with the cop outfit, ponytail and all, Sonya looks a lot more like her game counterpart there than the rest of the show. Hell, they even managed to give her a third character model by changing the outfit during the Kano fight to more closely resemble the movie action scene. Granted, it’s not exact, but the effort was certainly there.

    Shame they didn’t do that when they showed Shang Tsung’s death scene flashback, where not only does Lou Kang NOT look anything like his movie counterpart in design or outfit, but Shang Tsung looks like his Mortal Kombat 2 design which is utterly distracting and confusing for anyone who watched the movie and has never played that particular game. It’s one of the stranger creative decisions the cartoon made, especially considering what they did with Kano.

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    Mortal Kombat, more like…Phortal Phombat! Oh! Snap! Amiright? Amiright?


    Familiar Red – It’s basically Simply Red after you get tired of their one hit song.


    Also the new captcha verification is a pain.

    I feel like i’m taking a road safety test on grainy slides from a 1970s grade school projector.

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    Maybe they wanted to do an A story + B story episode, with Sonya and Night Wolf both getting their share. And in theory it can be good. Sonya vs Kano and Night Wolf vs his insecurities both are decent premises for a good story. But boy, did they mess it up! Instead of being organically or even thematically intertwined, both stories are almost disconnected, despite having both characters involved at the end.

    Night Wolf is the last person who can relate to Sonya’s situation or story and vice versa. It should’ve been Jax or (I can’t believe I’m saying this) Stryker who helps Sonya find Kano. In fact, why not Jax? Oh, yeah, because we didn’t do anything with Night Wolf until this episode and needed him to do SOMETHING.

    Speaking of him, as I mentioned, “Night Wolf vs his insecurities” isn’t a bad premise. Especially given his role in the show. But it really needed less of the team being idiots and more of him actually doing something. They probably should’ve given the poor guy a more meaningful story. Like (just thinking as I write) the Shao Kang uses magic to disable all the technology in the base, or Night Wolf is trying to use Lin Kuei cyber technology and it backfires, or forget about technology all together — while the team is out, enemy attacks the base and Night Wolf has to defeat them by himself. There, three better stories than what is actually in the episode.

    To end on a better note, I kinda like Kano just giving his photos. Sure, it may seem dumb, but it does work with his charater and general “see if I give a damn” attitude. Could’ve also been a plot-point. Like, once he allied with Shao Kang he became overconfident and thought that no one can touch him. But then again, I’m thinking of a better Mortal Kombat series.

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    OMG, the entire sequence of Nightwolf on his computer slayed me, especially the “and the computer doesn’t make mistakes.” “*Windows blue screen*” bit.

    Ah, I love these Defenders of the Realm videos so much. They’re always so funny. XD

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    “We went to the location of the portal detection and weren’t immediately attacked like usual.”

    Option 1) The team is incompetent for thinking only moderately sized and easily dispatched invasion forces come through portals.

    Option 2) The guy who has been shown to tap, at most, 3 buttons of inconsistent color has forgotten how to use his computer.

    Either one is equally valid.


    Turns out the team was just incompetent.

    Night Wolf: “I was relying too much on technology.”

    That… wasn’t even one of the options presented.