• Jon Protagonist
    Jon Protagonist
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    Hey love that top…blouse?  I’m a guy, I don’t know the difference, okay? It’s classy.


    Anyway, good to see some love for the MST3K guys and Rifftrax.

    Also, if anyone is wondering, the answer to the age old question which was the better MST3K host, Joel or Mike?

    The answer is: Yes. (they are both awesome)

  • penpaninu
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    Dear Lupa,

    You didn’t allow comments on that last video on youtube about the Infamous Document, but after all teh video information and responses, I am finaly gleaning an image of what the document outlined. All I can say is, my admiration for you is still there and I commend you for speaking out. I’m glad you and Phelous are still producing content and I love this site. I’m still a pateron supporter of yours and hope to be for some time to watch your videos. You’ve always given me plenty to laugh about, from 2010 to currently. Thanks again for doing all you do.


    Sincerely, a supporter, pen