Ali Baba & the Gold Raiders

Allison and Phelan team up to look at one of the most abysmally animated nightmares ever created by someone who isn’t Dingo Pictures. But they’re gonna need a little help from Harry Partridge!


  • Laserface
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    OH. MY. GOD.

    So, I’ve talked before about ‘stuff happens’ movies, where it’s exactly that; stuff happens with no real plot about it, like Miracle in Toyland or Countryside Bears. But this? This is a ‘nothing happens’ movie. I don’t believe anything more needs to be said. People wasted their time working on this. Moment of silence for their time.

    Order of quality animation, worst to least worst: Dingo Pictures, Bevanfield’s Beauty and the Beast, Ali Baba and the Gold Raiders (by a VERY slim margin), Aladdin and The Adventure of All Time, Golden Films, Goodtimes Entertainment, UAV.


  • OrangeRider
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    This looks like what if the animators of the Hotel Mario and the Zelda CD-I cutscenes made a movie.

  • SailorSlamDunk
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    Harry Partridge x Phelous was the OTP I never knew I needed! I know it’s been a while since you’ve done a commentary track, but I’m just dying to know how this one came together.

    I think the art here reminds me most of those cheap animated Bible story anthologies that are either put on DVD/video or are aired on local Christian networks at 7 AM. Indonesia’s 87% Muslim, though, so there’s obviously no connection.

    This movie is beige. Beige as hell. So fucking beige.

  • Alex C.
    Alex C.
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    This movie seems like a fun watch with drunk or like-minded friends.

    Kasim was my favorite character. How about you guys?

  • likalaruku
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    Looks like an old Carmen Sandiego game pasted over Elder Scrolls: Redguard backdrops.

    Geeze…Any more walking through the desert & we can start calling this Gerry 2.

    I’ll give them one thing…The human face designs aren’t bad….Eh, for the men anyway…..Sometimes….Never mind, I take it back. There is no design consistency in this movie at all. Ali Baba’s is okay though.

    Haha, I was starting to miss the A&W meme song, especially after rewatching all of your videos this year.

    How did the World’s Fattest Detective snag a wife with Rocket Boobs? It must be his collection of ceramic turd emojis.

    The 80s cellphone in the cave cracked me up.

    Brilliant parody animation. Totally nailed it. Well, everything but the jagged character outlines. The inverted eyes were especially funny.

    I love the community feel of crossovers.

  • OrangeRider
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    Am I the only one here who has seen MarzGurl’s review of this? She said that it was the worse piece of animation she had ever seen.

  • OrangeRider
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    Speaking of IFD, are you going to review Beauty and Warrior by any chance Phelous? Because MarzGurl already reviewed it years ago. Just wondering.

  • OrangeRider
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    I somehow found another cartoon from “Bening Studio”:




  • Anno Nimus
    Anno Nimus
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    Man, the changes they made to this adaptation make no sense. In the original story, there is no Magic Measuring Bowl; Ali Baba and his wife just ask to borrow a regular old scale for portioning out the gold. Also, the rich couple come up with a much better way of finding out what Ali Baba needs the scales for; they coat the bottom of the scale with something sticky, and when they get it back they find a gold coin stuck to the bottom. But I suppose keeping it that way would have cut out a few scenes of interminable repetitious dialogue. 😛

    • Otaku World Order
      Otaku World Order
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      Also in the original story, Cassim is quartered by the thieves and displayed as a warning to others. The thieves are able to find Ali Baba’s house from the tailor who stitched the body back together again.

      Can’t imagine why they left that out.

  • Lingo202
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    Hey ! You planning to do a review of Resident Evil Vendetta by any chance?

  • Brother_Malachai
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    Are you going to review Dingo Aladdin at some point then?  XD

    • Quan Chi
      Quan Chi
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      I’m sure Phelous will get to all the Dingo cartoons, or at least the ones with English dubs. “Aladdin” has one, if you have a generous definition of what counts as English. Wow, it’s even worse than Animal Soccer World, and that had one guy doing voices.

      I guess I can’t blame whoever put Dingo’s “movies” out in English for going super cheap on the voice acting. But that still begs the question of why they bothered releasing them at all.

  • Quan Chi
    Quan Chi
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    Excellent review, Phelan. Getting Harry do those  animations was such a nice touch. It did sound like something was off with the mic you guys were using. There was a bit more echo on your voices than usual.

  • Spike
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    It makes me a little sad to see what is clearly a lot of effort and work from a tiny dedicated staff putting effort into something like this, and it ends up becoming garbage because they have no idea what they’re supposed to be doing. Kinda like Ed Wood, where he had ideas and couldn’t manage it.

    Though that walk cycle in the middle of the movie looks hilarious to witness. They seriously do look like they crapped their pants, and partway through it looks like their legs got absorbed into their butts. Though I’ll admit, personally I’m getting tired of crappy low-to-no-budget animated shows, especially Dingo (I realise this isn’t Dingo, and at least this doesn’t look like a four-year-old drew it). I’m not sure that there’s much or anything left to say about them. That and the whole ‘dragging out the review by showing endless scenes and looking bored’ bit is wearing a wee bit thin now.

  • Marvelfan211
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    This was the greatest thing I have ever seen…

    … and the review was good too.



    Harry Partridge is a God

  • Aethelred
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    So apparently zaitun is a real thing, and it’s…olive. They bring a scene to a grinding halt just to gratuitously use the Arabic word for olive about 20,000 times.

  • CyborgPrince
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    The animation looks like something you’d find on a children’s computer game…from the 90s. And wow, the pacing is so slow, I was falling asleep just trying to get through the review.

    Oh, god. That zaitun scene. I mean, other parts were repetitious, but this was just a whole different level. I know they were trying to go for a comedic bit, at least I think so. However, they quickly drove that into the ground. I enjoy when the three of you get together for these special reviews, but even the clips of this were a slog to get through. It’s definitely no Birdemic 2, or even Foodfight.

    It’s nice to see an appearance by Harry Partridge, even if it’s just in animation form.