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  • sumerias1
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    It is odd what they do with the supporting characters outside of the Ash/Kelly/Pablo/Ruby. I don’t think I’ve had empathy for anyone beyond Pablo by the time they off them. And with so little payoff, it feels like the characters are either overstaying or understaying their welcome. If Pablo’s gone, I’ll definitely miss him. He was just such a fun character. From what I heard in the interview with Ray Santiago on After Ash, there’s a decent chance that he’s not going to be a main character anymore. There was a lot of talk about how the AVED was doing the “anyone can die” thing that’s big now. I feel like this show is goofy enough to not need to have to play the “anyone can die” card. The growing dynamics of the tightknit group is one of the best payoffs for me in this show. Though I don’t mean to downplay evil puppets and heads stuck in rotting arses. I love the shock value packed into every episode, but the show has always been more than that to me. Pablo’s fate is up in the air I guess, though. As the human incarnation of the Necromicon (which is doubtlessly still around), it wouldn’t be hard to bring him back along with the book, which I hope is what they’re planning. I liked this episode in general, though Baal hasn’t really seemed threatening since his introduction at the police station. They might as well keep him dead and do something with a new threat in the final two eps, since I don’t think it’s possible to find Baal threatening with his weak buildup. A surprising part of this ep was just how perfect a deadite Lacey made. The unicorn line had me LOLing with my actual non-metaphorical mouth. All things said, I did like this episode and AVED is still my favorite show currently airing.