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    Of course the kids’ extra-credit robot was more powerful… it’s BB, version 2.0. Only a basketball could defeat his wooden door of doom!

  • Spike
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    Actually, that architecture you described as “Egyptian-style” and “pyramids” more closely resembles ziggurats, which were buildings made by the Sumerians, Babylonians and Assyrians around the 6th Century BCE, not the Egyptians. Sorry, I know that might feel like a dumb nit-pick but it always bothers me to hear ziggurats referred to as pyramids.

    I still wish this was a top 40 list, like your TMNT list, since there’s a tonne missed off here, like the stupid episode where the Autobots and Decepticons go to a planet where they’re the size of action figures compared with the humanoid race, or the fact they kept contradicting where the Constructicons came from (first they were new and built by Megatron, then they were millions of years old autobots converted into Decepticons by Megatron, then they were the ones who BUILT Megatron. Did the writers even give the slightest shit??). Still, this was very funny, and I’m glad you put this list together XD

    Though to be honest, this list kinda just expresses most of the things that made me dislike the original incarnation of the Transformers. This is how I saw almost every episode, with rare exceptions like Countdown to Destruction (the only episode I can honestly say I enjoyed overall despite having a lot of the problems I can’t stand about the rest of the show). They never really thought their plots through, and always left massive, stupid, obvious plot holes that a nine-year-old could work out, all the while quite often taking themselves seriously at times in spite of the ridiculousness on display, and when they didn’t take themselves seriously their comedy moments and plots were just awful.

    • the_desert
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      To me, the civilization appears more Aztec or Mayan. Ziggurats are broader with long, gently sloping stairs on the front and sides. Mayan architecture has the steep stairways such as the site at Tikal. My first thought was the Aztec city of Tenochtitlan because of the lake setting.

      Yes, I guess I did just argue architecture in a Transformers cartoon made by people who probably intended little to no historical/cultural reference. I didn’t realize my life was this sad until now…

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    Thought BOT’s stupidity would rank higher considering that it’s viewed as one the franchise’s worst episodes.

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    Grimlock? Grimtard? Tardlock?

    Is it just me, or does Kremzeek make lightsaber noises when he destroys things?

    Daniel seserves his own bottom 10 moments.

    10:40 Uhhh…. Brown hair be damned, that’s Jerrica from JEM. https://i.ytimg.com/vi/QV-r9apq_Fs/hqdefault.jpg

    15:42 So this is what Riff Raff did for a living after Rocky Horror.

  • Dmitry Kurushin
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    I laughed so hard at this part. Thank you Phelous!

    18:40 You wish this idiot was just executed. He probably was forced to watch our terrible early nineties TV series about criminals. A fate far worse than death.

    20:45 Give Megatron a break. He just assumed that the strange anomaly, which keeps misplacing the transformers around time and space, would help him. It wasn’t his fault that Starscream used it all up to go to the ice prison, so he could free himself and Megatron a few episodes later.

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    A shame about #2.  You could’ve had the potential for a good story here.  Challenging the whole “if you’re not for us, you’re against us” dichotomy, the consequences of war, how it greys the lines of morality, how friends and allies can turn upon each other, possibly the dichotomy of the “three types of people” of “Team America,” etc…   But nope, another derp episode.  :-/


    Still, it’s sad when even Team America covers stuff like this better.  :-/



    Also, Happy Decepticon Day, Phelous!  XD




  • the_desert
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    A sock hop? Hey! Let’s give the giant alien robots a sock hop! I want to ask Soundwave to dance with me but I’m so nervous!

  • Dragon_Nexus
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    “Where the hell was Carnage In C-Minor on this list!?”

    Oh hey, read my mind. I was pretty convinced it would show up. I can only assume it’s getting its own special episode like the Turtle Planet episode.


    Something to very much look forward to, if so =)

  • godprostitute
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    I really enjoyed this one. G1 is so lovably goofy. I actually totally forgot about primacron, that was a bad one. that and the quintessons being their creator always rubbed me the wrong way. You hit pretty much all the “good stuff” here and I’m glad Carnage in C-minor is getting a seperate video. Lot to unpack there.

    one thing though, I don’t think you mentioned that part in prime problem where the actual Prime calls Spike “Splik” lol. That’s the real icing on the cake of that episode.

  • Kooshmeister
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    Personally, I found the notion of Unicron being the creation of a physically weak but highly intelligent being pretty interesting.

  • Brother_Malachai
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    Nobody tell Phelous they’re going to weaponise Kreemzeeks in Transformers: Earth Wars…again. Yes, THOSE Kremzeeks! :-0


    PS:  Sorry for double post.  I put this on part one by accident.  D: