• Robanah
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    Phelous going off on a tangent was just hilarious…. and pretty accurate! It was so disappointing! Sam and Dean were complete morons in “The Vessel” much more than usual!  This show has really hit rock bottom, they really aren’t putting ANY thought into their writing anymore.

    So sad to hear that you won’t be doing next season, but at the same time I guess you want to spare brain cells lol

  • Parker
    Quan Chi
    Just might make the CUT
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    Hey, Paisanos! It’s the Supernatural Podcast Super Show!

    These are always a joy to listen to. I don’t watch the series, but it’s damn fun to listen to Phelous and Allision rip it to pieces.

  • Alienmorph
    A Real Turtles Fighter
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    Geeebus, I left the series at the end of the “Dean is stuck in Purgatory with the Leviathans!” season, and you two just keep on reminding me I did well doing so… thanks for the cautionary tale.

  • hushicho
    Old Man
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    The podcast is always a sad but hilarious reminder how far the show has fallen. I seriously cannot believe this series has been renewed for another season…it’s kind of getting obvious they’re out of story but desperately trying to throw in whatever they can to waste time before they have to deal with that reality.

    The previous appearance of Nazis that I can remember was the episode “Everybody Hates Hitler”, which was one of the brighter spots of season 8 and was episode 13. In it, a rabbi’s grandson inherits a golem and it’s revealed that a secret organization of Nazi necromancers still menaces the world. It was an uncommonly compelling and interesting plot element, which of course meant that it was never, ever brought up again and forgotten about immediately afterwards.

    Even though the title was an obvious reference to the fact that Nazis are always an easy villain that people love to see defeated…somehow the writers of Supernatural dropped the ball so we could have the amazing Gadreel plot and the totally fulfilling and not at all disappointing resolution of the Abaddon storyline.

    And then of course, when they needed a backup villain group last season, they just tossed in the Frankensteins out of nowhere for that brilliant storyline everybody loved, instead of bringing in Nazi necromancers.

    Then again, I’m pretty sure the writers don’t remember what they did last week, much less last season.

    • hushicho
      Old Man
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      Just in case it wasn’t clear, that was sarcasm in the last couple of paragraphs. I added italics in composition, but upon posting all formatting disappeared.

      I’m pretty sure no one on earth would say without sarcasm or irony that the Gadreel plot was amazing, the resolution to the Abaddon plot was fulfilling, and that the Frankensteins were brilliant and everyone loved them.