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    Uuuuuuuuuuugh. Struggle indeed. Sorry for using this board to rant so much. XD

    One thing that stood out to me again in this episode compared to the classic episodes is that there are absolutely no more pregnant pauses, it’s like every second is filled with dialogue. I think that this was very important to create an atmosphere in the classic seasons and also gave great actors like Gillian Anderson the chance to really get into their character and show instead of tell. Now it’s all blahblahblah and rushing from one thing to the next.

    Mulder & Scully were hardly together, there was too much Einstein. I’d rather have had more Skinner working with Scully and Reyes to take down the Smoking Man or whatever.

    One thing that bothers me hugely is that this episode (and season in parts) was a rightwing nutter’s wet dream, with evil vaccines & chemtrails & terrorists and the equivalent of Glenn Beck fighting for justice, lol.

    Reyes. What even? Why couldn’t he have written her in another way. I hope she’s in it for the long game? Destroying the “world’s most powerful man” (lollll right) from the inside? I didn’t even care much for Dogget & Reyes, but her character deserves better than that. Speaking of the Smoking Man, his face still looks too natural and like his old (actually younger than 10 years ago XD) face to actually seem realistic. And what does the Smoking Man even want with Mulder? Lollll he keeps saying things like Mulder will keep on fighting / start a revolution / die a martyr, but really? When has he ever done that? XD All Mulder does is get beaten up whenever he gets to close to something and is ridiculed by everyone else. Not exactly a position of power, hahaha.

    Apparently there’s a quote by CC that he didn’t know how the finale would end while writing the 5th episode, figures. He’s probably had some talks after the first few ratings came in and then just decided to make it super open ended (that didn’t even feel like a season cliffhanger, more like a “tbc next week”, haha). Chris Carter is a troll AND a bad writer (as opposed to Moffat for example, who’s a troll and a good writer) & I don’t know why forgot, but I did. Chris Carter always does that shit, but it seemed even more chopped off this time. Not even a TINY bit was resolved, which is pretty terrible for a season finale (a season which most fans thought would be the ultimate closure & saying goodbye to The X-Files).

    Again, William got tacked to the end, lol. I like how Scully instantly thinks stem cells from William are even a viable option. XD Might as well request some Mars sands for how obtainable that was at the time. Going by some of CC’s previous plots, William will probably not really make an appearance (but possibly a clone), the Smoking Man will just dish out some vial of plasma he’s extracted from William ages ago or whatever. Solved! XD

    I guess what I’m saying is, please someone keep Chris Carter away from script writing as much as possible. XD