• jingleyells
    Comments: 13

    I just thought much of that episode was crinnnngeworthy.

    Idk I’m a huge XF nerd and it’s not like most of the scripts have been pure poetry, but I feel like they just… suck quite a bit this season? Lol. Apart from the 3rd episode.

    With Babylon it just felt like they were trying to be very clever and meta, but instead it just comes across as very obvious and kinda ham-fisted. XD I was also surprised that they went down the terrorist route and kind of wanted to open a dialogue about it but then… didn’t? Just this dude radicalising other dudes in a hotel. I honestly thought the same thing as Lupa, that it would turn out it wasn’t even those guys who had blown up the place in order to add some twist or something. But then it was just like eh, cool, guess it was just that then.

    I almost missed the Lone Gunmen, I was eyerolling so hard at that druggy cowboy scene. Initially I thought it was kind of interesting with Mulder’s illuminati-esque shadow figure fantasies, but then it was just endless scenes of him dancing & ~sexy cowgirls~.

    And in the end they were just forcefully trying to bring it back to William & mother love etc etc. With the zoom-out I thought it was implied that one of those ~government surveillance planes~ the tv host in the first episode mentioned was watching them. But then it probably wasn’t. God was watching them??

    Now this season is almost over! I guess soon we’ll know about William, Mom Scully’s weird coin amulet

  • Robanah
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    It was a lol episode…. Really disappointed about the Lone Gunman cameo though! Was expecting them to have a bigger story than that!!! Mulder’s fake drug trip was hilarious!!!! Seeing Skinner in a stetson was the icing on the cake since he was always my favorite character! 🙂 7 out of 10 for this strange episode! Oh… and seeing Robbie Amell as Miller was great too, just cuz the actor is really good looking lol