• Anders
    Comments: 16

    Remember, Kelly believed that Ash had failed when she set fire to the cabin. For all she knew, Ash and Pablo were already dead.


    Who is more stupid – Ash Williams or Ash the cat?

  • Arrowny
    Comments: 11

    Was Ash calling Pablo Pedro a blooper that was left in because that is something Ash would do? Something about the reaction.

  • sumerias1
    Comments: 7

    I’m sad it’s over, but stoked for the new season. I loved the overalled Jake skeleton. I kept wanting it to scream for Bobby Joe. Thanks for these podcasts — my wife and I don’t have anyone to watch these with, so we really don’t get to talk about A vs ED with anyone. Watching these podcasts after consuming the eps almost feels like hanging out with a couple friends and talking about em.