• Sewer Samurai Leonardo
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    Why do you two have to create so many better ideas for this show? It only makes the actual plots that much more disappointing 😛

  • iatethecrayon
    A Real Turtles Fighter
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    Mopin’ in the bunker, the series.


    Side note, finished watching Twin Peaks, and it hurts how good that show is. Especially the comparison of going back to watching a weekly ep of Supernatural….jesus. And SPN gets 10 no…11 seasons…..

    No pie for you Dean, all for Dale Cooper. Dean can have the Good Crowley cheesecake.



  • Plasticlion
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    “Is there something you’re not telling me, Dean?”

    “Nope, we’re fine right now Sam.”

    “Well I just noticed that Phelous’ site isn’t working.”

    “It’s fine Sam; It’s just running a little slow. I don’t want to talk about this.
    Ok, so maybe Phelous’ site is experiencing technical difficulties. It’s not a problem I can handle it.”

    “Dean, you said no more SECRETS.”

    “Yeah, well that was last season.”

    “Is there anything else you’re not telling me, Dean?”

    “That’s it Sam! Let’s just listen to some classic rock and ignore our problems. Felicia Day sucks as an actress Are you happy now Sam?”

  • NewbieDotCom.Com
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    @Plasticlion: I fixed the site by installing a demon’s soul into the webserver. But don’t tell the site. It doesn’t like demon soul bugfixes. I’m keeping it a secret.

  • NewbieDotCom.Com
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    I know the Stupidnatural characters act stupid sometimes, but this was an exceptionally long streak of stupid for Dean.

    “I’m trying to be good. So I’ll go hang out with the evil murderer in a bar. DuhhhH!”

    “Well, the evil murder who is provably evil and provably a torturing murderer says she’ll behave, and surely she only has the single weapon. So I’ll just have a seat across the hall in a different room and leave her along with the man who killed her parents. The man she’s literally said she wants revenge on. DUuuuuHHH!”

    “Well, the evil murderer who already has proven she’s a liar and is out for vengeance is here with me. It’s absolutely critical that we keep her away from the rest of the group. So I’ll just tell her what the rest of the group is doing, so she knows she has to act immediately. And I’ll also tell her where the rest of the group is. DuuUHHhhhH!”

    “Well, the evil murdering liar just found out our plans, and it’s my job to keep her away from the rest of the group.  She wants to leave my line of sight– but it’s okay, she just wants to hug the bartender OH NO SHE SNUCK OUT THE BACK DUHHHHHH!”

    “Well, okay, after all these fuckups, at least the evil murderer doesn’t know where the rest of the group is. Surely she’s just driving around a random town at random looking for them. So I’ll just drive immediately. There’s no way she’ll just follow me. OH FUCKING WAIT DUHHHHHHRHHHRHRH!”