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    That was a nice comparison between Original and Remake. And while being a million times better than Pulse, I still don’t see the point in westernizing a story just by casting more caucasian actors. Btw, Phelous, what happened to your garden shack TARDIS?

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    Very nice comparison review, twas an enjoyable watch. But i completely agree about the casting, I don’t really understand the point of setting it in japan if none of the cast, save for the spirits and a few people , are japanese. My first time watching this when it came out in the US actually got me a little confused for a bit. Yeah the remake isn’t as bad as other east to west adaptations go, probably due to they got the same director and things can be somewhat excused because the remake was for a different culture audience. 

     Like you said in the video, they really should have kept it to maybe one or two western actors and kept it in japan if they wanted a fish out of water effect (rather than a buncha fish out of water) or they could have set it in the states if they wanted to many western actors. I was going to type out an idea i had for how they could have handled the latter but as I was typing, I realized how horrible it could have ended up in execution…

  • SweGabe
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    Bruce Campbell.

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    I saw the remake for the first time last year. They could’ve used some more Japanese actors (like SMG’s boyfriend and boss, even though that would mean losing Ted Raimi) but the most unbelievable thing to me was the mother. Sure, having an American couple moving to Japan to work is nothing strange (although I’m not sure if they’d be able to find a detached home in Tokyo that easy), but is there anyone in that situation who would bring their old, dementia-ridden mother with them?!

    Also, as a European living in Tokyo, it was fun to find out that the opening balcony scene was shot relatively close to where I was living at the time.

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    Wow, it sure is rare that you review something competent.

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    Somehow, Phelous + J-horror blows my mind (even if he’s just reviewing a well known remake). Even the creative ways he pronounces the Japanese names is endearing to me. Yes. So much yes with this review.

  • likalaruku
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    Is that the TMNT anime I see off in the corner? Oh, you’ve GOT to review that.



    Japanese horror movies don’t do much for me, but I did enjoy Kansen aka Infection. But yeah, the original Japanese one just felt more natural. I remember renting them all together back in highschool. I miss video rentals…Anyway, I was a teen, maybe I should rewatch these as an adult.

    So that’s Sarah MG? Man, my facial recognition skills suck. I never recognize her in anything. She just has such a generic face.

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    C’mon man! You missed out on the joke of drinking through a straw instead of the death rattle!

    Naw man, just kidding. I kinda like seeing these comparison videos. Maybe one on the Ring this time?

  • Glimmerling
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    This was funny, but also a thoughtful comparison. You pointed out some differences between the two movies that had been bugging me, but that I hadn’t actually been able to put my finger on.

  • kashoterik
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    Loved the video, can’t wait for more phelous and the movies.


    Great analysis on the  movies, this was one of the only ones that actually freaked me out and i believe it was that ONE part when you see the ghost float past behind the wall.


    Loved seeing your take on the 呪怨 movies, while the review wasnt very focused on comedy,it covered the basics of remake versus original foreign films. I loved it.


    p.s. my favorite part was “who are you little boy with the wild unkempt hair and the goatee?” lol

  • Ultratech94
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    I haven’t seen any of these films, but I think you did a great job comparing the original films with the remake. the only thing I’ve that’s a little similar was the sequel to the remake of The Ring, but I didn’t really have any strong opinion on that film either way.

    I was wondering if you’ll eventually do some more horror reviews down the road such as Wishmaster 1-4, American Psycho 1 & 2, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2-4, The Psycho Remake, The Thing 2011, Hellraiser sequels or even Hellraiser Revelations (which might be the worse remake ever made since it even pissed off Clive Barker himself).

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    I really like these videos where you do a pretty straight analysis of a movie like you did with Jacobs Ladder and The Grudge, but this was especially interesting because of the comparison to the Japanese movies. I hope you do more of these analysing videos for movies like Hellraiser, Candyman and other American remakes of Japanese horror movies, because they really are the bees knees and you do a great job of articulating why the images presented on the screen are/aren’t building tension, or dread, or evoking fear.

    Thanks for the videos.

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    Pheous, was.. was that a Raocow reference? Do all Canadians truly know each other?

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    i wonder if the cat is the same actor from the original as well

    by the way, the grudge is the only movie that made me scared shitless. ever. after your analysis of it, doesnt feel so scary anymore, so thanks!

    …okay i lied, i was scared shitless of pet sematary, cameron’s closet and child’s play, when i was like 8. but child’s play only because i had a doll that looked exactly like chucky

    better leave the meowing to ocelot, toshio