MKC: Twisted Truths (Ep 13)

The “Great” Johnny Cage shows up to become instantly in love with Taja while Siro is getting super serious with a woman who hates him. But will Reptile ruin BOTH relationships!?


  • Skorpinox
    Old Man
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    It’s interesting that they should include Wrath in Conquest considering he was part of the Glacier’s “Blood Runs Cold” plotline that ripped off Mortal Kombat. I’m not sure if this plotline was still ongoing at this time or not since it ended close to the time Conquest started.

  • Handsome Pete
    Handsome Pete
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    This seems like a ‘Spock’s Brain’ type of situation, where the writer’s original script was rejected for strange reasons, so it got rewritten as an insane parody of what the producers wanted, which was then produced as an actual episode.

  • Doresh
    Just might make the CUT
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    Sheesh, they really don’t give a shit about continuity, don’t they? It’s a good think I only catched a few random episodes when it originally aired o_O

  • Jaimas
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    …Isn’t “Tomas” the first name of Smoke?

  • obsolete
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    I wonder if Daniel Bernhardt actually hurt his arm in anyway before the shooting of the episode and that was just a reason to have his arm in a sling for the episode? or nah next episode it will probably never be addressed again. wow the continuity of the show is just WOW.

  • Ultratech94
    End Of Transmission
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    so let me get this straight. we have multiple versions of Reptile and Baraka, 2 Sub-Zero’s with Sub-not-Bi-Han-or-Kuai-Lian-Zero, Hanzo Scorpion and Takeda Scorpion, 2 Kung Laos, 4 characters with ice powers (including Hydro), 3 cyber ninjas, countless colored male and female ninjas, 3 rulers of Outworld (Shao Kahn, Onaga, & Kotal Kahn) and so on and on, and now we have 2 characters in the Mortal Kombat franchise named Tomas?! we now has Tomas Vrbada aka Smoke, and Tomas Cage?

    this is already getting confusing, we don’t need anymore characters sharing the same names or else this franchise is going to be as confusing as explaining the cause and effect of time travel.

    on a side note, the Mortal Kombat franchise just hasn’t felt the same when John Tobias left in the early 2000’s. to me, he is the heart and soul of the entire franchise since he worked on the story and designed the characters. sure, Ed Boon has done a great job in keeping the franchise alive, but it was still better days when both Ed & John worked together on this franchise they they both worked on.

  • lunabuna
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    I had to pause and laugh my gut out at the “It’s not like you to hold a grudge” “WHAAAAAAAAAAAAT” bit. Oh my god, can’t breathe… XD XD XD So funny… Oh man…

    These are always hilarious. I hope whatever views they get make it worth it to put them together. They’re awfully fun for me, at least.