• ldanmer
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    Man, I love your cartoons specials! Thanks for your work! And merry Christmas to all your family and friends!

  • Knightroglycerin
    Robert Cop
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    Christmas Skeletor is love! <3

  • BarryTheMasterOfSandwich
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    Christmas Skelator killed the Abominable Snowman!

  • E.Wilson
    A Real Turtles Fighter
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    I love how Christmas Skelator’s understanding of the holidays is basically the same as Jack Skellington. Bone-faced people have problems with Christmas, apparently.

  • JSkunk
    Old Man
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    As a skunk, Stinkor is merely a combination of WW2 era mephit-related stereotypes. I for one am pleased he never transitioned to the television show, shame shame indeed for endorsing him.

    I am curious though, just what drugs were these people on when they made this show? Or just this special for that matter? It’s kind of brilliant in an idiot savant way.

  • Orochisabin
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    As much as I enjoy your movie reviews, I love your cartoon and Conquest reviews even more.



    Hope you don’t mind an off-topic question, but did you ever give Resident Evil: Revelations a play? Would love to hear your thoughts or even see a review of it from you.

  • Plasticlion
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    After watching this I went home for a lovely Christmas dinner. I climbed the stairs to my parent’s attic and found my old toys. Then I sniffed the Stinkor. Thirty years in the attic and he’s still going! And my Two Bad can still beat himself up! They don’t make toys like they used to.

  • HookupsJZA
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    One of your best, and on Christmas eve to boot. Thanks Phelan

  • wetman
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    So did you do those audio effects in Final Cut? I was very impressed by how close you got your own digital vocal effects to the original analog hardware decks they used for the vocal effects in He-Man.

    The lip flap looping was also impressive since you usually play a section of lip flaps backwards and forwards to fit your voice over lines rather than splicing a frame of lip flap similar to how the Team Four Star guys do it.

    Did you get some new software for christmas and were trying it out with this review? Because this really is one of your best reviews yet.

    • Phelous
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      Thanks! No, no new editing software. Just trying to match the lip flaps more, especially on the animated ones sense it’s easier to do. He-man is also pretty easy to modify for lip flaps sense they don’t move around as much. Most of the audio effects I actually did with a really old audio program that I still like for a lot of things called Goldwave.

      • Duvi0
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        Hey Phelan, I know you said the name of the guy who made the cover of Oh Phelous in the credits, but I can’t seem to find the song anywhere. If you can get the link, would you mind responding with it? Thank you.

  • Red_queen2003
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    I loved it♥ thank you very much for the effort i enjoyed it alot♥♥

  • Hollis Ruskin
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    I really enjoy watching your cartoons. This is one of my favorites, keep it up.

  • thisseatofmars
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    The Xena/Hercules reference in this episode is so, so funny. Those were such brilliant series! I truly hope that Phelous or Lupa (or maybe Phelous *and* Lupa, yay!) will review those series. Maybe Phelan can take Hercules while Lupa takes Xena?…   😛

    In any case, this is another one of my fav Phelous reviews. The dubbing is hilarious, like his voice over work from Lion and the King (“Oh my God! — My God!!”) both Beauty and the Beast videos (“Now I’ll leave– via the door! Aaaahhh!!!”), The Real Ghostbusters Christmas Special (“Have some grilled cat!”), A Dungeon Siege Tale (“You’ll be a slave and you’ll like it!), and To All a Goodnight (“Quick– what’re seven eights?– Too slow! BONER KILLER!!!”)   ;P

  • likalaruku
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  • ss2kid
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    Christmas Skeletor! He’s the best!

    Quick question, Phelous; have you seen the 2002 series or thought about talking about it or it’s figures?

  • DoctorBlue
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    I’ve been binging Christmas-themed episodes and missed this one because it wasn’t tagged Christmas. For shame!

  • Spike
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    This review is so great, it’s one of my all-time favourites. I partially love it because it’s a perfect example of how Phelous can make so many hilarious jokes just with the right amount of editing, and how great he’s gotten at tightly executed comic timing.

    I love it, it’d be great to see Phelous tackle more from He-Man besides this and knock-off toys.