• BarryTheMasterOfSandwich
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    You got through all of them. It’s a Christmas miracle!




  • Daemian Lucifer
    Daemian Lucifer
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    And now you should do hellraiser,because everyone wants the box.Also it too has a bunch of tacked on shitty sequels.

  • obsolete
    Prodigy Pet Gym Leader
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    wow it took us a year but we finally got through all them witchcraft films, Nicely done 12 days of christmas parody.


    Merry Christmas Allison and Phelan. Have a great day 

  • wetman
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    This means thats Ash was the real Witchcraft all along! @_@

  • Daleklawyerbrony
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    about one year ago you started this review string now it is all over merry christmas

  • Glimmerling
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    You have a pretty voice.  ^_^  Sort of sad to see the Witchcraft reviews end… But what an ending!

  • Reaper Cloud
    Reaper Cloud
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    Just wanted to say excellent work on reviewing all 13 of these movies.  You probably already know this, but good old Det. Lutz and Garner are cops in a different movie (same actors) called “Bloody Bender’s Return.”  They are Det. Cyphre and Hobbs in that one.  I can’t find a copy of it anywhere though, which sucks.  Thanks to you, I’m now addicted to Stephanie Beaton movies (which probably isn’t a good thing, lol) after first seeing her in “Eyes of the Werewolf” and then three times in the Witchcraft films.


    Oh, as for your next series…I’d vote for Puppet Master.  It has 10 so far (11 if you count the VS Demonic Toys title).

  • WinterDeathPeach
    Just might make the CUT
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    So according to Wikipedia there are three more squeals. Seeing as they were all released last year I don’t know how true that is because I highly doubt someone made a Witchcraft movie that was 5-6 hours long and split it into three parts(the only reason there would be three in one year).  If it is true do you see yourself talking about these three squeals on Movie Nights.