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    Holy sheet Lupa! Eight parts, you poor thing…But still that was a well thought out, hilarious and fun analysis. I can’t wait for the final season, and I hope you will let your brain and sole take a break from this shows insanity. Godspeed.


    P.S. But I will miss Piper’s Bitching voice after this is all done, that is the best part 🙂

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    It’s an episode blitzkrieg! Well, I know what I’ll be watching tomorrow. 


  • Sephiroth1204
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    Yes! I cringe at th suffering you must go through outting these together, but your sacrifice is much appreciated

  • likalaruku
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    Yaaaaay! Imagine what the Charmed Wiki would be like if Lupa added an “inconsistencies & plotholes” section to every page.

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    lol lupa your voices of the charmed ones makes me laugh everytime XD

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    This is like a documentary series about Charmed.

  • Steve3
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    PMS Werewolves…I just, I don’t even, I can’t even deal with that.

    Breastfeeding in public? Objecting to that isn’t sexist, it’s justy old-fashioned prudery- and I’ve never seen men having a problem with it. Always women freaking out at other women. I suppose a restauranteur could be upset with ahem “outside food or drink”, but this show just loves its strawman feminism.

    Edit: spelling fail.

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    Just awesome.

  • EpicFish
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    Technically it’s not too far out of the realm of possibility that women can mensturate at the same time. It usually only happens when women hang out with each other all the time (or in the case of the Halliwell sisters, they all live together). So I can buy that, but PMS werewolves? I guess maybe it’s the show’s way of making fun of how some people joke about women “turning into monsters” when it’s that time of the month or something. I’m sort of surprised they didn’t use the long standing “women crave chocolate when they’re PMSing” trope that other forms of media implement when they want to put some whacky PMS hijinks to work, and have one of the sisters always carrying around or eating a bar of chocolate like her life depended on it.

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    OMG Manic Episodes are great, it’s like a documentary on the stupid and weird. And everytime you do your evil Phoebe or Piper voice, I lol around the apartment.

  • SpikeGhost
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    Okay so i could be completely wrong in that, but i remember being told that when people who own a uterus live in close proximity for a long time their periods can start happening at the same time.

    Seriously though, did i drop a freaking bullet by skipping seasons 6 and 7? Hot damn!


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    So wait… I think I missed it… they’re PMS… werewolves, was it? 😛

    But seriously, I LOOOVE these. <3 So much fun to watch! Though I’m not sure what CBS has to do with this show. It originally aired on the WB/CW and was filmed at the WB studios. Did they trade hands or something?

    And ugh, they whine and bitch so much, their voices are triggering a must-kill response in me. I don’t know why they get off on ragging on Cole and Leo so much. Because they’re MEEEHN? As you said, this is NOT feminism, ladies! It’s sexism in the worst way!

  • Productive Procrastination
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    I know random (I’m procrastinating again) but when you addressed what should have been the charmed ones conundrum facing the Avatars it got me thinking about the principles of a Satanic Church which practice the teachings of Lucifer. They argue that Lucifer crime was challenging God (free will) and believe in challenging the accepted norm, questioning the teachings of the Church. I’m not fully up on their philosophy (read an article in passing) but my take on the God vs. Lucifer story, as relevant to my observation here is as follows: Lucifer challenges God (free will), God banishes Lucifer, casting him from Heaven (Utopia) in further defiance of God, he cause conflict on earth (free will and as such progress and adaptation?). I also got (for a very vague memory) a echo of a parallel to the story of Adam and Eve: Eve is seduce by Lucifer(I think?) to eat an apple from the tree of knowledge (metaphor for free will, progress and conflict?) in effect defying God, God banishes them, casting them from Eden (Utopia) into the harsh reality of the real world (again free will, conflict, aliments, progress and in effect real joy – without pain there is no pleasure, for how can you comprehend one without experiencing the other). Probs sounding define cliched and procrastinating the hell out of my Honours but there you have it … I can also link this allegory with Plato’s allegory of a cave and Pandora’s box – but that’s a procrastination activity for another time. >.<


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    I can’t breathe when you do your Charmed voices!