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    I don’t think France “gets” Garfield, to be honest.

    Also, I’m nearly positive that the old Garfield strips had some little girl character who showed up at Arbuckle family reunions and abused Garfield, most likely a niece, I don’t think it was twins but it’s been a while.

    • Phelous
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      Garfield got lost once and ended up at a girl’s place who ended up being sort of like that. Probably what your thinking of. There was no neices because they would have had to been Doc Boy’s.

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        Dude, I loved Garfield when I was young, I had ALL of those long shaped comic books and would rent the ones i didn’t own from the library.

        C:/run/SyntakE/ExecuteProgram/I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS!


        lol i remember msdos lol, that is what I used in school in like 3rd grade, I would play lemmings all the time… wait, I got sidetracked easy.

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    I thought for sure that you were going to do Halloween 3 after last year. Great job as always though.

  • Leech
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    Hey, it’s that shirt from House of the Dead… which reminds me: are you planning on reviewing “In the Name of the King 3” when it’s released?

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    Man the cat elders aew dicks.


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    Opposite for me…I watched for Orson’s Farm & tollerated Garfield.

    The CG is offputting to be sure, but doesn’t look nearly as awful as the Garfield movies. Couldn’t be assed to find anyone that sounds like classic John, I see…. Garfiel’d sounds like he got really old, like how Mark Hammil can barely pull of the Joker voice anymore. Garfield’s moth moviing seems somehow wrong.

    Ghostbuters…Peter’s voice…One of those rare occasions where I somehow like both equally, but I resented every change they made to Janine.

    The witch sounds an awful lot like Witch Hazel. The Looney Tunes Show should have hired her voice actress instead.

    Lol, loved the ending. Oh, & thanks for getting rid of the fill-in-a-captcha-every-time-you-make-an-edit.

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    Halloweenie finally got his wish, I’m so happy for him. Cute that Pumpkinweenie tagged along as well.

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    Suprised you didn’t mention those Umbrella-looking windows in the haunted house. 

  • Red_queen2003
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    I trully enjoyed this review alot & i even watched it like 3 or 4 times XD sense i was in the hospital for a while,

    Those reviews really made my day back than & i became a fan!

    Thank you very much♥ 

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    What really caught my attention is your shirt 🙂

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    I wish there was a way for you to talk about Garfield again, or to review the god awful movies.

    the name of Garfield needs to be avenged!!



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    I dunno if you caught it, but both the story writer for this show and Garfield n Friends is Mark Evanier… He must’ve hit his head or something cuz the humorous stories he came up with in Garfield n Friends sure aren’t here.