• likalaruku
    Completely Useless Now
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    Pumpkinweenie looks like a Gremlin Fuzzle. & the green wig actually looks cool on Halloweenie.

    Can you PLEASE get rid of the Captcha? I can’t tell upper from lower case on that thing & it takes 5 minutes just to log in.


    Captcha to sigh in, captcha to post a comment, captcha to edit…

    • Phelous
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      I can’t completey get rid of it no because the site would get flooded. That’s also the reason I had to switch from the math one. I’ll try it with it off for commenting once you are logged in though.

  • QuiRKett
    Old Man
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    Cancelled forever huh? Nice try, Halloweenie. See you next year.

  • kanoyume
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    Halloweenie actually looks good in a crown.
    Another cancelling?  I’ll miss him… Until his triumphant return (read: pitiful crawl back)

  • Lelouch
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    Man, Halloweenie’s come a long way, from the butt monkey of the studio to the butt monkey of the studio who has his own butt monkey in the form of Pumpkinweenie. I wonder where they’ll go from here? If he goes back to the studio he’ll just go through the same shizzle again. Whatever the case, Halloweenie will NEVER DIE!

  • zeekthegeek
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    I saw a Pumpkinweenie at the Shoppers Drug Mart and was pretty tempted to buy it but I’m trying to save money. Maybe if it’s still there after Halloween for the half price sale!

  • Hazer_Synn
    Old Man
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    I loved the pencil bit, classic.  The new season was awesome, Pumpkinweenie was a great addition.  Too bad he only comes back once a year.

  • wetman
    Comments: 69

    Halloweenie transform into Christmasweenie!

    …What do you mean thats not how the name works?

    …What do you mean Christmas already has a marketable character

    Christmas…ee will live on forever just in time for him to die and make way for New Years Weenie!

    Forget Phelous and the Movies, you need to teach us more about how holidays are bullshit!

  • Fritzbree
    Old Man
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