Deadly Friend

Wes Craven’s film about the love between a Tasmanian Devil robot, a computer chip brain girl and a plank of wood gets injections of A Nightmare on Elm St by the studio.


  • Brundlefly
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    I lost my footing, can I have yours, Dave?



    I don’t know a, Dave XD wut?!

  • Torque
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  • Steve3
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    How did I know the “HOORAY” clip was from Tremors? I knew instantly, but I havent seen that in at least 5-10 years, and he wasn’t in Lupa’s reviews of the series. How can one single brief snippet of Tremors be so overwhelmingly Tremors as to be obviously Tremors at first sight?????

  • likalaruku
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    This is one of your funniest. Makes me wish you’d just make a short parody film of something with intentionally bad voice acting & hand painted special effects. Or just draw over film footage & do quirky voice overs for 10 minutes.

  • Razorgeist
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    I was wondering if you were ever going to do this movie.  “You know you’re abusive dad is gonna die for that right”? had me rollin on the floor.

  • Literate Dead
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    I’d seen the exploding head clip before, but never the glorious aftermath where her body wobbles around… apparently splitting in half as it does (either that or the costume was so poorly contructed the person inside’s head keeps bobbing out!).


    I can’t imagine this being a -good- movie in its original form, but I doubt it was quite as awful as the end result. I actually read Diana Henstell’s “Friend” (the book this was based on) back in high school and remembering it was ‘okay’. It had a nice ending (-very- different than the film, involving the main character going off an icy bridge with his robot girlfriend because she ‘didn’t want to go alone’), but that’s about all I remember. Odd how I never actually saw the film.


    …BB! Blargleflaghstarghlafgh!

  • wetman
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    Speaking of scene continuity, Denny’s commericial and the magic teleporting coffee cup! Only in America is coffee so fast that you’ve drunk it before you started drinking…

  • Handsome Pete
    Handsome Pete
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    Yet another example of the flagrant reductionist philistinism that has caused this much-maligned visionary work to be denied its rightful place in the annals of greatness.  I must now debunk your systematic obfuscations on a point-by-point basis.  The ending was in fact a dream, as brilliantly foreshadowed by the earlier allusion to Nightmare on Elm Street that revealed the thin line between dreams and reality.  The chip was not designed for a human body and therefore cannot perform any autonomic functions, so clearly those parts of Sam’s brain still worked and she was more vegetative than strictly dead, thus shutting the chip down would only make her unconscious.  The functioning of BB’s nervous system would naturally be analogous to the administering of calculated electrical impulses to the brains of human corpses, since it was inspired and informed by experimentation in that vein, which is why Paul realized that BB’s consciousness could be expressed through an interface with Sam’s dead cortex, thanks to its adaptive optimization systems (he still called her “Sam” afterwards because he primarily defines her by her nice tits, revealing Paul’s material fixation and lending immeasurable thematic weight to the complex narrative).  These same systems have also augmented Sam’s physical strength through a conscious myostimulation-like process which drastically increases the body’s oxygen consumption, hence the distinctive blue face coloration.  Its low-res sight is a product of its simplistic perception algorithms, rather than the fidelity of its senses; this is also why BB’s former voice began to manifest (the vocal chords were not replaced, but simply repurposed to fit the new output parameters).  These are all completely obvious facts that anyone with half a brain could figure out, and it’s practically self-evident that this is a masterpiece of science fiction, with a revolutionary view of cybernetics on par with luminaries of the genre such as Mary Shelley and William Gibson, pointing the way to the future of human progress.

  • b1tRider
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    Yes he was a genius dumbass and I’ve seed better acting from chucky at least he could rotate his head 360 degrees… I also made a robot out of cereal boxes (when I was a kid) that was more animated then the lead in Deadly Friend nice to see sub-zero cameo 😉 awesome review as usual Phelous!

  • E.Wilson
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    Can we just talk for a minute on how this film has the single most uninteresting title since “Pulse?” “Deadly Friend” could be an applicable alternate title for everything from “Return of the Living Dead Part III” to “Mac n’ Me.”

  • Dust
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    I don’t know… I still say ‘Shocker’ is the dumbest Craven movie.

  • Richter The Eternal
    Richter The Eternal
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    Especially on how Genius Dumbass KNOWS this would work with inputting BB’s chip into Sam’s brain making her a robot zombie. A “genius” creating a undead monster is nothing we haven’t seen before that came out in movies before this one. And given the hype of his highly successful first Nightmare on Elm Street film that came out 2 years before this flick, Wes Craven having to add unrelated nightmare dreams to his undead robot zombie film should have been no surprise. Given the ending, it looks like something Freddy might do to kill someone.

  • Stewardy
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    Or was the joke simply left out cause of Who-Rage among viewers? 😮

  • ChaoticPesme
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    Wait, Basketball Woman fired 3 shots with a normal shotgun without reloading ? Suspension of disbelief broken !

  • M Chambers
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    Phelous, many of what you describe as errors are in fact explained in the film.

    They’ve never seen their new house before because it was provided to them by the university he works for.

    What are they going to say? “No I don’t want to live in a house for free. I’ll just rent my own.