• Scooter
    A Real Turtles Fighter
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    I’m always looking for an old full moon movie I’ve never seen. Damn, this has Dr Jacoby and the ocd vampire from xfiles… Any gem full moon recommendations?

    • Obscurus Lupa
      Obscurus Lupa
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      You can check out some of their Moonbeam, Pulsepounder, or Torchlight features if you’re looking for Full Moon features that aren’t under the main label. They’re just aimed at different demographics (Moonbeam is young kids, Pulsepounders young adults, Torchlight for the softcore porn crowd). I’d check out Magic Island and the Prehysteria series, those are some of the better Moonbeam features. Pulsepounders tend to be on the mediocre side, though I enjoyed Teen Sorcery alright. 

    • NPettinato14
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      There are a few volumes of Full Moon’s “Best of” available on Amazon (and elsewhere online). Check there. ­čÖé

      I recall a fantastically cheesy movie called ‘Dark Angel: The Ascent’ on HBO when I was a kid. The paper mach├ę devil wings bring me back to middle school, that’s for sure.

  • Steve3
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    You’re a little late Radu, we missed you on those Witchcraft review boobfests. Johnny Mysto’s resemblance to Cynthia Rothrock reminds me of a 1986 movie I only recently heard of: Shanghai Express. It stars Sammo Hung and has dozens of big name stars, including Rothrock and Richard Norton. It sounds like Its a Mad Mad Mad Mad World, but with more punching and kicking. Or don’t watch it, I don’t care.

  • chrisbg99
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    So did the smartass fat kid from The Sandlot play any other role outside of smartass fat kid?

  • Sephiroth1204
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    I can’t  give credibility to a boy wizard movie that doesn’t feature the line “Your soul…was lost…IN THE RIVER!!”

    More movies need Rowdy Roddy Piper

  • FateUnseen
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    An astoundingly large number of movies and shows that take place in middle ages Britain and France, including those made by British and French companies, even large name ones, will film in Romania and Hungary.