• Octo Seven
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    One can never have too much Charmed-bashing.

  • valou999
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    If all the episodes had been made like this season’s finale or that epidose in season 2 in which Phoebe is burnt alive in the future, this show could’ve actually been pretty good. Oh btw, I had no idea Shanon had directed the finale… The irony… Moving on to season 4! Back when I used to watch this show, this was pretty much the point when I gave up on it. Anything that was even remotely redeemable up to this point is flushed down the toilet…

  • thedeadhalo
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    Thats the best title card I’ve ever seen on your show Alison! 


    On topic: I’m glad that you’re still reviewing the full series, I’m glad someones taking this thing down a notch.

  • penpaninu
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    Oh geez, oh man, Charmed…..Lupa did you actually watch every single one of these episodes?? You deserve a medal. The “I survived a boring tv series” medal.

  • Punkster
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    I like this a lot, shame you had to remove Seasons 5-8 from You Tube.

    That playlist was handy.

  • Snap Reviewer
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    With Phoebe and Cole relationship I thought it was bad to me since the Season 3 episode “Sleuthing with the Enemy”


    Why? For the entirety of Season 3 Phoebe spends her time annoying obsessing over Cole like a sickly lover, getting to the point of pure insanity. This is jarring because up to that point Phoebe’s personality was completely different. But in Season 3, she spends the entire 2nd half of the season berating Cole and keeps constantly acting like a dense moron.


    Anytime Cole is doing something obviously suspicious and Prue or Piper expect such Phoebe instantly turns into a delusional bitch and goes off on them. Like in Sleuthing with the Enemy she lets Cole go free despite the fact that he TOOK her hostage and gave her no reason to let him live. Yet she constantly kept going around in circles going “He’s good again, He’s evil, He’s good again, He’s evil!”


    Even though before Sleuthing with the Enemy Cole tried to kill them and their ENTIRE family line in episodes like “All Halliwell’s Eve and Power Outtage”


    This gets worse later on in the season where anytime something remotely evil had to do with Cole, even though it was events of evil revolving around him and not Cole reforming to evil himself, Phoebe kept constantly insisting Cole was evil every single time.


    Her love for Cole even got to the point where she chose her love over Cole and wanted to “save him” in All Hell Breaks Loose, yet leaves her sisters behind to deal with all of that chaos. Part of this is why Prue even dies.


    Even though in two episodes before that “Exit Strategy” she could’ve used that time to save Cole by using the power stripping potion to save him, yet just insisted he was evil for being manipulated to kill a guy. Despite the fact in another episode before that The Bride and Gloom Piper and Phoebe become Warlocks and intentionally go around enjoying their new freedom, So Phoebe and Piper are excuse for their acts of temporary evil, but Cole isn’t? By Phoebe’s logic evil is “genetic”


    This also connects into the 2nd half of Season 4 where Phoebe uses the same attitude to treat Paige like crap and act like a complete bitch to Paige. (Especially in episodes like The Fifth Halliwell And Marry Go-Round) The former which is mean-spirited.


    And Phoebe treating Cole wrong in Season 5 was not Cole’s fault. He was only being clingy because Phoebe pushed him away and turned his mentality to that because she constantly kept insisting he was evil and shunned all of his efforts away, despite showing he could do good. Even though Phoebe was the one who willingly made him stay evil when she destroyed the Wizard who was trying to take Cole’s Source powers away, all while OUT OF HER OWN FREE WILL chooses to be evil with him.

  • Snap Reviewer
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    There were some facts looked over in this Season. She neglects the fact that “The Good, The Bad and The Cursed takes place in a time loop, not the actual past.

    Also that episode where the girls lost their powers because they used them on each other wasn’t a contradiction either. (The episode is called “Power Outtage”) They lost them because their bond as sisters were broken, they used their powers out of anger on each there because a rage demon amplified their frustrations toward each other. And since their powers and BOS are connected to their bond as sisters it broke that. It’s literally explained in the episode.

    She also neglects the fact that Prue fought and vanquished Vinceres while her powers were augmented by her empathy. The reason Prue’s Astral Self was able to destroy that one demon “Vinceres” in “Primrose Empath” was because she was amplified by the empathy power she gained from him.