• DancingmadRB3
    Comments: 13

    They made another one? Dear lord…

  • QuetzaDrake
    A Real Turtles Fighter
    Comments: 38

    Seems there’s a bit of an audio glitch. At 5:03 the audio cuts out for a second or two… and I think that specific second or two of audio pops in randomly at 5:41 over the existing audio. It just suddenly goes “Well FUUUUCK” at that point while Phelous is talking…

    • BegleiterKubus
      Comments: 17

      fact is by sampling all the videos and sounds together you can pretty much see when a soundtrack starts and where are no other soundtracks. so it may be just lazyness or something or maybe its a joke where phelous edited thin review like they did their concert: dont give a fucking crap. maybe its both…(no hater)

    • Phelous
      Comments: 620

      It’s fixed now.

  • likalaruku
    Completely Useless Now
    Comments: 912

    Their skulls have been Shredder-punched!

  • Brundlefly
    Comments: 9

    See the Shreddah man was the protagonist in the first concert. He, was trying to save us from gettin’ down in your town, but alas the turtles used their black magiks to send him to purgatory to fight leviathan. Long live the shred head.

  • Indiana
    Comments: 8

    I feel sory for the audience who had to actually pay money to see this… How sad.

  • BegleiterKubus
    Comments: 17

    wow…the german introsong…didnt heared it for at least 15 years now and forgot totaly it exsists^^ 

    i liked that song back then and gave me a good laugh in this review 🙂

  • Miss Spotty
    Miss Spotty
    Old Man
    Comments: 4

    Turtles with keytars… That should be the best thing ever. 

    *sniff sniff*

  • Plasticlion
    Comments: 68

    Nah, Elmo is the annoying muppet voice. And he wants to molest underage boys. “Yes! Elmo wants you to tickle him there! Elmo loves being tickled there!”

  • megadolaon
    Bat Hero
    Comments: 82

    how I thought you completely loathed everything about the Coming out of their Shells tour, but in this video, it’s revealed that you actually thought some of the previous concert’s songs were catchy! xD

    It seems like in seperate reviews, we see the true side of Phelous about previous reviews

  • Adam C
    Old Man
    Comments: 4

    You know, I actually like the song that Phelous says he gets no enjoyment out of. Well, not this concert’s version, Peter Gabriel’s Solsbury Hill, which it’s a total ripoff of, I do like.

  • Adam C
    Old Man
    Comments: 4

    Mind ye, the worst part of the concert was the tiny tiny turtle loincloths. Probably not what they were meant to be, but it really felt like there should be censor bars up in some scenes.

  • b1tRider
    A Real Turtles Fighter
    Comments: 27

    Try the Starwars Holiday Special  it’s  horrible but you can review it if you like..lol…(just remember to get a good supply of vomit bags)…


  • wetman
    Comments: 69

    Needs more Lupa

  • BigJennaTalia
    Comments: 12

    This has to be the worst piece of crap i’ve ever seen. It made me cringe… I think you could enjoy it if you were into torture. 


    Phelous, you have an awesome voice. I love the muppets. 

  • MoldEncrustedMidiFile
    Old Man
    Comments: 3

    I want Phelous to voice a Muppet.

  • Spike
    I'm on a post!
    Comments: 242

    Y’know, I’d heard about that hilariously terrible Coming Out of Our Shells tour thanks to the Nostalgia Critic/AVGN crossover review of it years before this, but I seriously never even knew THIS crap was right behind it. I mean come on, really?? They MADE this abomination?!

    Thanks for reviewing it though, I really enjoy your videos a lot. Honestly, my favourites are when you talk about franchises you’ve got a lot of passion for like TMNT, Transformers, Ghostbusters and especially Mortal Kombat. This is certainly no exception, given how great these two looks at the Turtles’ dip into music hell.