• evilphoenix
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    This movie just from the trailers looks awful -.- Strangely enough i have this weird urge to go see this film just so i can see how bad it is (and also for poptart pyramid head).

  • Jaimas
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    [quote]Christoph Gans Said….
    “I like women – I like to fuck the American bimbo. I want to make a movie with no men and have sexy women throughout. Women everywhere. I don’t want to have all these men to deal with or the attitudes of men.”[/quote]

    God damn Christoph Gans. Stupid… French… Director… Guy. You should totally form a bro-team with Panda and mock the ever-loving snot out of it when it comes to video, Phelous!

  • Steve3
    I'm THE BEST!
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    idk, I thought Claudia had been Poptart-Head the whole time, the Seal just revealed it was her. Why Heather thought that was in any way useful is the real mystery. How did Pyramid-Head get demoted to manual labor? Why was he working for the cult, are jobs scarce in Silent Hill? Did he try putting his resume on Monster.com? What happened to his army of bugs from the first movie? Was the dialogue between Sean Bean and his wife the worst in the movie, or did I become acclimated to it?

  • AdamDuffield
    Old Man
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    It literally blows my mind
    Dont they know the Silent hill series is famous for its story and iconography? Whats makes them think they could make it better? Was it written by Tomm Hulett?? Cause like no one liked Douglas or the original Vincent, better kill one off and rewrite the other.
    Thier string of thinking makes no sense, “People like Pyramid head! How could they like a bad guy? Wed better make him gooooood!” Its like having Michael Myers suddenly realising hes a bad guy, and going off to careers adivce.

  • AdamDuffield
    Old Man
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    I also didnt realise they might have been hinting at Silent hill 2 with “Not Harry Mason” at the end, if thats true then along with random Travis cameo and prison bus from Downpour; theyre really looking for SOME way to do a sequel haha :L

  • Count Montivan
    Count Montivan
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    Wow, it sounds even worse than I thought it would be, and the trailer made it look awful. Vincent is seriously Heather’s love interest? That creepy guy who liked being in silent hill? What, the, fuck? AND HOW THE HELL DO YOU MAKE PYRAMID HEAD A PROTAGONIST!? What, what is that? How could- GAH! I have to see this movie now, just because.

  • Troggyman
    Bat Hero
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    The best way I can describe this is as if they took a good movie and made a game out of it and butchered the plot. In reverse. Sure, Resident Evil suffered the same fate but the Silent Hill games play out much like films, and the movies as stuff-filled game spinoffs. It’s quite bizzarre.

  • Nightmare Waffle
    Nightmare Waffle
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    I like to think that the economy is so bad that it’s starting to affect Silent Hill as well and Pyramid Head was forced to get a job working at Lakeside to support his wife and kids. Then by the end he decided this movie sucked so bad that he quickly killed Claudia just to make it end and then quickly escaped from the film while no one was looking.

    Also, did anyone else notice how they tried to explain why Silent Hill is so evil, a point that is hinted at but never fully explained in the games because it is just scarier that way, by casually mentioning that it’s all because the town was built on an Indian burial ground? Yeah, that happened.

  • Foogie
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    Honestly, it didn’t get a single scare out of me.

    Jump scares up the
    butt, but I never felt disturbed. No, it got a lot more laughs than
    anything else. Thank Samael I was alone in the theater with a friend of mine, or
    else I’d be pissing off a lot of people with my lulz. Some
    things were okay, I appreciated the little nods to the games, like
    playing the appropriate music during certain scenes (most notably
    Leonard’s [Nemesis’] boss music and the Missionary theme when Heather sees
    the graffiti.) It was nice to see the Valtiel cult, instead of
    that witch burning bullplop, and it was neat that Claudia went around
    barefoot. The actress playing Heather did good job, it really did
    sound and feel like her. I can see that they tried to echo the
    storyline of the third game, even with the damage done from the previous
    film. But there were just way too many goofy moments for me to really
    come away happy. Oh well. I didn’t come into it with high expectations, so I guess it
    wasn’t all that unbearable. Gave me a good laugh, if nothing else. Besides, I didn’t have to pay for the ticket, it was gifted to me. If I had shilled out $12 to see it myself, there’d be a lot of aborted fetuses squashed on the theater floor. And hey, Pyramid Head got himself a part-time job working as a carnie,
    too! Felt bad for his nipples, but at least he can have all the corn
    dogs and funnel cakes he could ever want.

  • Ivanhoe
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    Did not like this movie. I just miss the games. 🙁