• TildeAmpersandCaret
    Old Man
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    YES!  Oh thank goodness someone did a review about this movie~

  • Piers
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    Loved this movie when I was young and still love it to this day. I totally want a tricked out wheelchair like his… even though I don’t need one.
    I always laugh at the part with the bear trap snapping back on the guys leg when they’re trying to get it off, just seemed like something from a cartoon.

    Also: Gary Busey is awesome! ^^
    Awesome work as always Lupa!

  • IHadAShotgun
    A Real Turtles Fighter
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    My mom and I have watched this every Halloween for years. Fun movie, fun review.

  • likalaruku
    Completely Useless Now
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    Favite SK movie: Night Flier.


    Most boring SK movie: Graveyard Shift.

    So according to Hollywood lore, a train can slice your head off, but a penny will derail it.

    “I feel bad for laughing…” Heheh, I laughed too. I never assume the kids are going to get off scott free in horror movies. Sure, if anyone survives at all, it’s either going to be a virgin or a little boy, but that doesn’t mean their friends are safe.

    The hunters getting caught in bear traps is funny too, so was the reverend’s dream….& the bulletsmith……& the transformation….& the “can’t feel my legs” joke…..

    “The bible…….Tell us……Not to…….Fear…..The terror…..That creepeth……By night.” Someone give this guy a Golden Shatner Award.

    Ah, Billy Owens…This years answer to The Worst Witch.

  • Indiana
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    Personally I thought the werewolf was the most entertaining part of this movie! Baseball bat… classic. He could teach other werewolves a thing or two. Also love the werewolf design (prefer it to the recent wolfman design at least, since it doesn’t look like he’s just an incredibly hairy man), plus parts when he’s stalking his victims are hilarious. They obviously intended it to be funny (I hope) which is good because I can’t look at the intensity in his face, whilst he’s watching his victim and not crack up… Great review; glad someone gives credit were it’s due!

  • Squallmoogle
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    Wow haven’t seen this film in nearly a decade!  Forgot there was a character whose names my surname.

    I am quite a big Stephen King fan, though I haven’t read Silver Bullet.  Nearly all of King’s work has links to his Dark Tower series, whether subtle or completely blatent.  The Dark Tower books are about a gunslinger called Roland on a quest to the tower of the title to try and stop it from falling. Each world or reality is basically a different level on the dark tower (including all of King’s worlds).

    I’d say that the gunsmith is probably a traveller from Mid World (Roland’s world, it is possible to travel between worlds).  Gunslingers were a special caste before the civilisation fell and Roland is the last of them.  Their guns and skills were almost viewed as magical and they often worked with wizards.  Bullets from Mid World often have magical properties too.

    It’s widely known that King’s film adaptations usually leave a lot to be desired (but not always).  Most of the time King has little involvement with the movie version other than letting the rights be purchased.  By the looks of it this was one DT link that made it through without the filmmakers altering it.  The novel might go into a bit more detail about the gunsmith maybe.

  • FM
    Just might make the CUT
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    Pretty good movie… and yes one of the best Stephen King adaptations, The Shining aside…

    It manages to be entertaining to kids and adults alike. One could call it a “horror family movie”

  • M Chambers
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    This is a frustrating film because as you pointed out there are positive elements. The big problem is these positive elements are all over the place and they never connect and none of them are powerful enough to save the film.
    Is it a drama? There are dramatic scenes but how can we take anything seriously with the zany scenes going on?
    Is it a zany horror film? No, because there’s too much drama to just have fun with it. Like the scene where the boy is killed. It could have been dramatic but the father reaction is zany.
    Is it a horror film meant to scare you. There are some effective frightening scenes like the priest’s nightmare and this might have worked well with the dramatic characters. We could have been afraid for them except for all the zaniness. If so many characters in the movie aren’t going to take things too seriously even the best characters can’t be taken too seriously.