• Meader
    Old Man
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    The demon was her personal demons, and all her past fears. A phantom is a ghost of something/someone from the past. So her personal demons taking the same form as someone from her past, makes sense. Except this time she has someone with her, So it’ll be okay now. It makes sense to me and I think this was a fairly original storyline. The acting was pretty terrible though.

  • macgyver247
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    You should make a interactive movie game with Doug & Rob Walker now they have a studio and branch off like you said, have different options with all the thatguywiththeglasses & Channel Awesome Team with different endings aswell. I would buy that day one.

    That would be Awesome

  • Snes
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    Birdemic also had a original story, didnt make it good

  • BlueCurse60
    A Real Turtles Fighter
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    Best interactive POS ever! 8 Stars!