• chrisbg99
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    Wow that is two Castlevania II references in Channel Awesome videos I’ve seen today since I watched the Snob’s most recent video just a bit earlier.


    Funny that.

  • Johro
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    I was hoping you’d do part 3!


    …If only I could get it to play.  Okay, I guess it’s not just me…. or Blip has a problem with Canada.

  • Octo Seven
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  • silbmaerto
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    Hilarious review. By the way, am I the only one who thinks that the Critic’s Phelous impersonation sounds like a sedated Adam Sandler?

  • eecartman
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    Dude one odf ur best yet. I know one horror series that really needs ur review. Feast. The first one is good but the next two were the worst of the worst. It made the pulse series look good.Please review these ur fans will love it.


    • stonedXmonkeysXhero
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      omg that is a fucking fantastic idea!!! the first feast had a fun and whacky charm to it and was actually entertaining  to watch… but the second feast is fucking horrible!!! the jokes are childish the characters are dumbshits… and nothing is intertaining about it… haha and you think the second one was stupid… wait till the third feast! i feel mentally retarded after watching it. it is worse than feast 2 pulse 123 and the resident evil movies combined!!! i mean god damn! at least the 2nd one tried to be funny this piece of shit was the same joke, over and over and over and over and over and fucking over!!!! introducing a interesting character and killing him off in the first 5 mins he is there is not fucking funny!!! that actually pissed me off in the first one when they did that but actually was the only time they did it… and the worst part about three is the ending… if you are still sane at the end, you will not be for long! the end is just a big fuck you!!! it is trying to be funny but it just pisses you off because the movie forces these painfully dull and annoying characters and after all the shit this movie putts you through… it sets up for a sequal and i do not wanna spoil the fun for you 🙂 but trust me… worst ending ever!!! p.s also the jokes are worst than thankskilling!!! at least extra small gravy flavored condom was funny

  • ninjadnice
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    This is probably one of the best reviews I ever seen. I love all the sound clips, returning gags, and the poking fun at each other. It all worked soooo well. I hope to see more productions as good as this!

  • megadolaon
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    Whenever NC&Phelous make a crossover, a Weeping Angel cries tears of joy. And dies.

  • Johro
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    Finally it works(could’ve been hours, I just got home from work).  These are actually really good crossovers.  Great job.  I really enjoyed it and hope Bride will come eventually.

  • LeonUnleashed
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    Hope U two do all of the Chunky movies.


  • Vognasty
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    F.X. Nine FTW!

  • hw
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    Best thing ever. Best thing ever. This is the best thing ever.

    And also I want to echo the requests for the rest of the movies in the series to be reviewed

  • Piers
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    I was scared of these movies as a kid, now I just gotta laugh at em. Awesome job as usual. 

  • lunabuna
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    “Yesss… YESSSSS… Ohhh, yesss! We’re starting to see some skin now, aren’t we?” WHAT? LMAO!!! WHAT. WHAT. PUMPKIN, WHAT. Also… the Ghostbusters soundclip for the commercial. Genius. XD Did Doug get the reference? Like, did he know of your RE1 walkthrough running gag or did you tell him or something? Or was this just part of the script and he just went with it? 🙂

  • Dust
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    Worlds of Power – wow, forgot about those books.. despite owning most of them.

  • RUcussingwithme
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    LOVE these reviews! One of your best ones. 


  • NuclearBLt
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    Awesome review. I’d say this is probably the best out of the three Child’s Play reviews with the Nostalgia Critic.


    Keep up the excellent work.

  • HatefulCactus
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    Really hoping for a Bride of Chucky review. As much as I like that movie. It had some real cornball moments. RIP John “Hellraiser” Ritter.

  • Batphil
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    I would say that this is a bad movie.

    In that case SO FORGET IT!!!!!!! SO FORGET IT!!!

  • TeareHannah
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    Doug is not really good at being meta.


  • obsolete
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    its been pretty quiet on phelous for a few weeks now. guys must be really busy ?

    btw happy birthday phelous!

  • paintedwallpaper
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    Ha yeah, this movie was terrible.  I mean its not even rated R, I think.  Well it shouldn’t be.  Ok, a few children die, but they are shot, it happens every day in the real world.  Its not like he decappitated children, WHICH i may point out, has not been done too often, and would’ve spiced things up.  Good review.