• Reaper Cloud
    Reaper Cloud
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    I was worried about how this was going to look, but so far, the photoshop images are FUNNY!  😀  The redubbed dialog is also great too.  🙂  I love the animation for the worthless sword killing scene.  Very close to how it looked in the movie.  Awesome job on this.

  • likalaruku
    Completely Useless Now
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    Sam & Max: Frogtown Police.

  • SsnakeBite
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    Your Joe Estevez / Phelan impression is spot-on, Lupa!

    But about him contacting you (presumably in the subtle and reasonable way the kind of people who get their panties in a bunch over an internet review of a film they made over a decade earlier usually show), shouldn’t Fair Use laws allow you to keep the vids unedited?

    Not to mention that trying to sue you would probably bring the ire of the many actors he never paid for appearing in his crap.

  • solidsamurai
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    Put it on youtuuuuube.

  • lunabuna
    Bat Hero
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    Oh my god, the photoshopping makes it awesome… the MSPaint-like text makes it funnier… the beatbox sound replacement makes it hilarious… the whole thing put together makes me #whatisair.

    XD I am so inspired right now. I think I’ll go Zen live. You know, like Zen movie making? Zen li… yeah, you get it.

  • TheDourShepherd
    Old Man
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    I’m sorry that Scottie Shaw McTotally-an-artist pants made you have to (what I assume) tediously re-edit your review. However, the re-edit is really halarious and, if you ask me, does a greater job of showcasing the fo-realz art that is Scottie’s “Zen Filming”  

    … I…I CAN say “Zen Filming”… right? >_>    …or should I say “Zen Filming™”  

  • Sephiroth1204
    Just might make the CUT
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    Sorry you got hassled over this. The edited version is hilarious though. Thanks for putting the work into this! I love the artwork here xD

  • CyborgPrince
    Fighting Steffi Love
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    Well, I’m glad to see the original review is available to be seen, even if you have to keep the video a secret or else have an extremely butthurt Scott Shaw on your case again. Will the original Zen Filmmaking retrospective ever be available to watch again, or are we to remain only with the glorious MS Paint-vision one because of a certain thin-skinned filmmaker?


    I know this review is now years old, but I think the croissant joke was because they’re frogs and ‘frog’ is a slur for French people. You know, croissant, French….heh heh heh heh….Yeah, that was a stretch. Or maybe I’m giving this film too much credit.