• Johro
    A Real Turtles Fighter
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    Very well put.  I’m sure all of us understand, but to the newer viewers(I’m aware this seems ironic as my account is new; I’m a long time follower though), this is a very nice explanation.

  • likalaruku
    Completely Useless Now
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    I’d absolutely love to see some so-bad-it’s-good Hong Kong kung-fu flicks. I know about the Cynthia Rothrocks & the Bruno Matteis, but I’m looking for some with all asian casts. “The Story of Ricky” was glorious.

  • dennett316
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    That’s why I’m kind of worried about Birdemic 2, that he’s intentionally going for the campy laughs now and it’ll be most likely a lot less funny than the original.  Have you seen the quick teaser trailer for it?  I know it’s early to be writing it off, but it came across as forced as it can be – like Nguyen is saying “Yeah, I was in on the joke, isn’t this going to be hysterical?”

    As we’ve seen in Phelous’ Blubberella review, forced wackiness with little talent behind it just doesn’t work.

  • Demien
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    Sincerity. Exactly! That’s why they so appealing. It’s like Ed Wood’s movies. We know that it’s crap but love it  because we see passion in it.

  • megadolaon
    Bat Hero
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    I like review bad movies….because they’re good. it’s that ironic, but sensible quote that few can pull off. 🙂