• TildeAmpersandCaret
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    Oh god….  This movie….  Thank you for bringing this one into the light =D

  • DaMatrixFan
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    Scott does indeed have a box of Ding-Dongs on the car, but he is eating a badly mangled cake – specifically, Entenmann’s Ultimate Chocolate Truffle Cake.

    I’m guessing they didn’t have Entenmann’s approval (unlike the good people at Coke) since the box is nearly unrecognizable. It’s so sad that I know this…

    Thanks for the stellar review!

  • geddyb
    A Real Turtles Fighter
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    Ding Dog!  Yo… Ding Dong.. Ding Dong… yo…

  • likalaruku
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    “That’s how ‘I’ met my best friend.”


    Chuck Norris just hit my Shit List this week.


    I can totally see Dough Boy here hanging out with Biff from Back to the Future.


    The ghost of saint Bruce Lee. We’re following the Regular Show formula here.


    16:24 I can’t help but think his friend was trying to hop a free ride on his train. XD 17:52 That couldn’t look any gayer. It’s a joke every yaoi girl should see.

  • Radelta
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    nice. the black dude obviously has his copy of mister t’s be somebody or be somebodys fool, the way he was recouping after he fell off the shelf. 

  • Steve3
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    Maybe I’m just the morbid type but I made time to see Bruce Lee’s grave on a Seattle trip. Shrug. Brandon Lee’s marker is beside it.

  • andyflange
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    I’m glad someone has finally reviewed this one… I always promised myself that if I ever got into video reviews on the internet myself then this would certainly be the first movie I tackled… the material just writes itself for this one!  There are actually TWO proper sequels to No Retreat, No Surrender though and another in name only (King of the Kickboxers was released as NRNS4 in some territories)… I have the first three on DVD but it appears the they have never been released on DVD in America/Canada!  ALSO, concerning the Kelly character not appearing before the birthday party – in the DVD version this is the case but there were differences (besides a few pieces of music) that I noticed with the DVD version from how I remembered my old VHS copy of this movie back when I was younger:  1)  The scene involving the fat kid chasing RJ from his house, including the skateboard tripping incident, was not present at all on the old UK VHS version – when I first watched my DVD copy this was all new to me!  If I remember correctly the first time we see him is the the first time he shows up is actually the burger scene which was odd.  2)  I don’t remember seeing that “shafting” RJ scene on the old UK VHS version so I’m guessing, besides the different music, that the montages were edited differently – I almost spat out my drink at this part when I first watched the DVD.  3)  I’m 99% certain that on the old UK VHS there is a scene of Kelly making a surprise visit to Jason’s house just after he get’s his ass kicked at the karate dojo (Jason see’s a car outside and thinks it’s one of his mom’s “bitchy friends”) and they go out on a “date” and we get yet another montage (showing them in the city with some location shots like the Seattle Space Needle – this was the first time I’d ever seen or heard of the space needle which is why I distincly remember the scene being in the movie) then later on he goes to the party at Kelly’s house which we see on the DVD

  • Octo Seven
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    A boom microphone is visible between 12:52-12:57.

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    Sensai Lee……are you serious!?
    Can someone here perform a labotomy on me please?

  • Radu.s_Ghost
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    Wow. Just wow. Thank you for uncovering a repressed memory. I rented this from a local video store when I was about 9 years old…likely sold on the premise of flying Van Damme split kicks alone…ugh, thank you thank you