• dachauncinator
    Old Man
    Comments: 3

    Hanging out, just hanging out…

    Hanging out with Barry,

    Having ourselves a Jill Sandwich!


    PHELAN, the master of running gags!



  • Zinus
    Comments: 9

    Awesome! You guys are too cute. :3
    I love the Radu-The Room crossover idea! We need that movie!

    Also, I love Lupas shirt. 🙂

  • Rakmi
    Comments: 78

    Wesker is so cool, I wish my haircut was as snappy as his.

  • DarkBee
    Old Man
    Comments: 2

    Yes! We need a re-enactment of The Room with Radu and Michelle and Alisons other character!

     Make it so.


    I also think Allison is the best part of this LP, she looks bored out of her mind and just makes shit up to entertain herself.

  • Meader
    Old Man
    Comments: 4

    The statue didn’t stay the first time because you didn’t have it over the hole. You can tell before you go in the door to the bar that it’s not covering the hole.



  • Octo Seven
    A Real Turtles Fighter
    Comments: 37

    I fuckin’ love these let’s plays. You guys are awesome. 

  • Demien
    Comments: 6

    I’ve just realized that the game is only distracting.

    Think about doing vlogs. I know this is “let’s play” but I would better watch you both talking about interesting stuff like movies, ideas, top ten’s, some research…for example horror lore or b movies legacy. Something like this.

  • obsolete
    Prodigy Pet Gym Leader
    Comments: 122

    phelous’s and lupa’s first on screen kiss, awwwwww 🙂


    ands props to your aussie accents mates 😛

  • Johro
    A Real Turtles Fighter
    Comments: 25

    Discussion of chocolate and video games.  Can’t top that.  …and Mr. Bigs are great!

  • GracefulWitch
    Old Man
    Comments: 2

    I’m loving this Let’s Play guys! Tender Loving Care was awesome too! Also, with all the ‘ Off with his head’ jokes. I now wanna draw Lupa as the Red Queen and Phelous as the Red King. lol. Keep up with the awesome Lets Play! 😀

  • megadolaon
    Bat Hero
    Comments: 82

    it’s a shame that the stomp of death doesn’t exist in the RE universe.

    oh, and this series should be retitled “Alison eats snacks and commentates about other stuff while Phelan dies a lot whilst playing Resident Evil while you the audience watch.” I think it’s short, sweet, and rolls of the tongue.


  • HookupsJZA
    Comments: 12

    I’m jealous of how many snacks you have in your house Phelous.


    (PS – my favorite part was the stair pushing to get the crank)