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    I love this one too Lupa. There’s just something very fun about it.

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    Actually, there was multicellular life in the Precambrian. Keep in mind that “Precambrian” is just a catch-all term for the entire history of life before the Cambrian, so we’re talking a span that was roughly from 4500 mya to 542 mya–nearly 4 billion years.  There are Precambrian forms in this period, such as the Ediacaran biota (roughly 600 mya) that are multicellular.

    However, it is true that nothing like the graboids emerged during the Precambrian. The graboids look like worms, and there is some evidence of annelid worms in the Precambrian, but nothing on the scale of the graboids. The graboids look more like something you would see after the Cambrian explosion.

    Anyways, that’s just me being pedantic. Great video, as always. I love Tremors and I love anyone who loves Tremors. Keep up the good work. 🙂

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    I am really enjoying these reviews of the tremors series, its been years since I seen them so after watching the review for the 1st film I had to watch them again, so my brother and myself just watched 1 & 2, funny thing is I remember bacon not returning in aftershocks and instead getting “the new guy”, he never really bothered me all those years ago when I 1st seen the film but when I was watching aftershocks I couldnt beleave how annoying the character is. your left wishing you got a taste of bacon instead your left with a 2nd rate peace of meat from New York.


    lol at the burts rifle scene shooting the shrieker and the crazy man carrying all that amount of explosives around in the back of the truck 😛

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    Will you do a review of the tv series as well? Or atleast the first episode? I remember there being an episode where one of the worms dies and a guy buried because it was his pet or something. That got me choked up.

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    i think the second one is better also lupa, because of more burt 🙂 also happens to suprises us again with a unique monster design and… EXPLOSIVES!

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    Burt is to Tremors what Daryl is to The Walking Dead.

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    This was my favorite movie in the series too. It wasn’t too much of a stretch for the worms to “evolve” and change. It is however a stretch for what they do in Tremors 3. I hope you liked the 2 good movies, because 3 and 4 are horrible. Tremors 3 decided to ruin everything established by Tremors 2 and turned their evolution into a 3 stage lifecycle… when in Tremors 2 it was an evolution, not a lifecycle process.(Did they get the 2 terms confused?) They also threw out every bit of the realistic looking effects and filled it full of crappy looking CGI. You see in Tremors 1 and 2 they used realistic looking prompts/dummies/puppets/gore/etc, which all looks really good. Tremors 3 and 4 don’t even attempt any of that and instead just fill it up with crappy looking CGI.On top of all that, Tremors 3 and 4 both have worthless characters, plots, and stories. As soon as you see a walking Tremor shoot fire out of its ass and fly through the air as a shitty CGI PoS, you will be so sad after having seen the awesomeness of Tremors 2.

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    Love this review, You hit all the right marks again with this, and I don’t care what anyone else thinks, I love all the tremor movies and it all makes sense to me, of a lifecycle and how they appear in all these locations because of it, granted their are a few mistakes and stupid parts, but I don’t care I love this series.I agree with you (You Lupa and the commenter here) about them being Precambrian lifeforms. If the writers were saying “Precambrian” as before the K2 event (the one that wipe out the dinosaurs) then I would say ok, But if they are actually refering to the actual Precambrain time of when the planet was molten lava and nothing could live. Then I say bullshit, like you Lupa I too felt that was a bit too much, to believe. otherwise great review can’t wait till your review of 3 & 4 and I wonder if your going to review each episode of the Tremors: The Series. That would be very cool to see you do 🙂

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    Sci-fi has taught us much, like ALL female scientists are beautiful. (the only exceptions are for extremely talented actresses like Louise Fletcher)
    Remember ‘Leviathan?’ Trapped at the bottom of the sea in an oil rig. There’re only two women and they’re both bombshells.
    The first scientists inside the human body in ‘Fantastic Voyage.’ Only one woman and it’s Raquel Welch!
    A rescue mission to the bottom of the sea in ‘The Neptune Factor’ with only one woman? It’s Yvette Mimieux!
    The only comedy I’ve seen which actually made fun of this was Jerry Lewis’ ‘Way Way Out.’ NASA realizes that the best way to release tension on the new moon base it to marry its astronauts off to beautiful female astronauts.