• Dexy22
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    Phelous reviewing a classic Disney film? Am I drunk or something?

  • toma
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    Great Canadian?

  • dennett316
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    This wasn’t a horror movie Phelous…now I hate you forever.  0/10, you’ve got to do better than this (and by that, I mean exactly the same as the first video of yours that made me a fan which you can’t possibly know) and STOP DOING DIFFERENT THINGS!!!!


    Damn Lupa, always ruining your videos. :p

  • Steve3
    I'm THE BEST!
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    Oh, Drum Roll Guy, you lived your life like a candle in the wind

  • megadolaon
    Bat Hero
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    Okay, unlike losers, I wait till after the video to comment, so the whole “faux Aladdin” thing didn’t really trick me >:P

    But I have to ask: you wanted to trick people into raging and think you were reviewing the Disney version… in essence… you were——TROLLING!!? O_O

  • Octo Seven
    A Real Turtles Fighter
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    Best title card ever.

  • Batphil
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    I have to say Nice Review. The Fake out was the best because you can NEVER have too many of those. Also I really like the whol Owl = Iago bit. Because he is there and then Isn’t. Good Stuff Good Stuff.


    Seriously Though I really enjoyed the review but i really look Forward to the next MK Conquest episode Review. I remember watching a bit of the show as a kid so i’m pretty sure reptile is in it but i’m not 100% sure so I am waiting to see if he will pop up or not. For some reason though i remember Disappointment in the episode I saw. I hope i can discover why through you. HaHa.


    Keep it up bro.

  • Octo Seven
    A Real Turtles Fighter
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    This is honestly one of the funniest reviews ever. 😀

  • JonTartan
    Old Man
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    Fuck everyone, this and Man’s Best Friend were hilarious.  With all the complete bullshit as of late surrounding this and sister sites just to piss people off you should keep indulging in the randomness, please keep it coming.  May I suggest a live action remake of The Menace of Magneto, right down to the last ridiculous pose and face.


  • ADC
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    Actually this is a French movie from 1970 (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0187687/) and it’s very close to the plot of the original story, down to the sorcerer impersonating Aladdin’s uncle, the magic ring and it’s genie and Aladdin’s mother being the first to rub the lamp with the genie, just to mention a few.

    Also the original story is set in China or Turkestan so that maybe explains Aladdins feautures in this?

    Or maybe poor animation. Don’t know which.

  • David
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    Boy, I seriously think this was Phelous’ most hilarious review yet. I’d be totally happy if more poorly executed cartoons were on the agenda.



  • Tyler
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    That handprint room is terrifying.

  • likalaruku
    Completely Useless Now
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    Oh gawd….Dollar DVDs. Well once in a while you’ll find a gem like “Mr Wonderbird,” but sometimes you hit the bottom of the barrel with shit like “Scruff.” Oh sweet jebus was Scruff just cheap wtfery. 


    I’ve seen some pretty bad animation from Canada & Russia, but this is the worst I’ve seen from France.

    Oh yeah, I forgot about the ring Djin. Been a long time since I’ve read the book.

    I’ll bet he was going to say that the cover art was from yet another more well known dollar Aladdin cartoon.

    Now that you mention it, the pink Djin does kinda look like a lobster in a shower cap.

    Ah, Andrew, you really should review more than 2 cartoons a year, especially with just under 700 votes on your “what should I review” poll. If Phelous won’t do Scruff, surely you can? I swear on a fried yam it’s totally that bad. ::eats fried yam:: Oh, this is actually quite good. Can I swear on fried broccoli instead?

    Gahaha…Christopher Walken….

  • SsnakeBite
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    I can’t believe they seriously tried to pull off the mockbuster cover trick for a movie released, what, twenty years ago? Not to mention the cover for Disney’s Aladdin is pretty damn famous. You can’t even argue they were targetting the “well-meaning confused grandmother” demographic considering odds are grandmothers watched the Disney movie with their grandchildren because that’s what grandparents DO.

  • SweetKillerOliveOil
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    Ah ah ah, just awesome!Your meta-thinkies will never get boring…if I was a girl, I would fall in love for your canadian genius! Keep ’em coming this way, man!

  • Drain
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    That was a clever bait and switch lol. But I am still surprised that there exists a version of Aladdin that is actually worse than the Disney version. You have to dig to the bottom of the Disney’s shipheap to find theirs… but apparently if you just keep digging there exists even WORSE stuff. I feel I should point out that your video was almost as long as this movie… one day you’re going to review a movie that is actually shorter than the time you spend on it. I think the universe will explode when that happens, so we dodged a bullet here.

    Nice ending song btw.

  • Dejablue
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    Did that camel have a back hump erection? And holy crap these cuts are horrendous, only 28 out of 70 minutes? You really did pay for a piece of shit.


     Lol the mystery of McDickPick thickens.

  • Milun
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    Hi, thought this might interest you.

    The footage used for the opening title in this DVD… thing is stolen from a Russian Cartoon: “How the Mushrooms fought with the Peas”. No joke, see for yourself: http://youtu.be/1JlQ_0ZOhyQ?t=3m35s

  • catocat9002
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    If it was a review of one of the sequels of the Disney movie, then no one would give a f**k.

  • Yushatak
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    You missed an excellent joke opportunity/movie mistake. Movie takes place in Egypt, yeah? And then they wished the palace to Egypt. :3


    Best review of anything I’ve seen in a while. I clapped at parts of it, even though I am alone. While embarassing and scary, it speaks to how fucking awesome you did. 😛


    I’d love to riff this movie (never done it recorded b4), any idea where I can get it? lol.. I’d download it (because I don’t think I can find it..) but I doubt I can find it that way, either! 😀

  • TnubE
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    Was this Phelous’ first non-horror movie?

  • paintedwallpaper
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    Yknow, i think this isn’t the Disney version.  Why did I watch this whole thing?


  • Edmond Dantes
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    I may be late to the ballgame here, but this review interested but also kinda disappointed me.  Especially since a few of the criticisms could be said also for the original story and the anime version.


    Which, actually, I would almost like Phelous to review that version.  I’ve uploaded it on my Zippcast channel (and Youtube, but Zippcast is less likely to block parts on copyright grounds):


    Part 1: http://www.zippcast.com/video/cd60167044b316bc5cd

    Part 2: http://www.zippcast.com/video/2cef44ebf3cfd70cbe2


    There’s actually two different English dubs, and I saw the other one on Youtube, but gah… you wanna avoid the other version.


    But yeah, the way I understood it, the reason Not-Jaffar was willing to give up the Genie of the Ring was because it wasn’t as powerful as the Genie of the Lamp (the anime version has the Ring one explicitly mention that he can’t undo anything the Lamp one did), so I guess its the same way people who already own a car will trade in for a “better” car.

  • CyborgPrince
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    You know, Aladdin is a bit more of a sadist in this one. Not only does he force the lamp genie to remain his slave, but you can see that he laughs as the evil wizard falls to his death from the palace tower.

    I think I’d prefer to watch the French version as it has much better quality and half of it isn’t cut out. Damn you Benzaie and Sad Panda for cutting this movie in half and giving it a shitty quality conversion, as I totally believe Phelous that it’s their fault this happened. And if you actually took that last sentence seriously then you’re a moron. Then again, you may be able to blame whoever did the English dub for the bad conversion and cutting about half the film out, but they can’t be blamed for the cheap animation. That’s purely the original.

    As others have mentioned, this actually seems to be closer to the original story. It actually takes place in China, or at least what the Arabs of the time thought China was like. However, just because something is closer to the original doesn’t mean it’s better, unless someone’s really finicky about the source material. I’d much prefer to watch the Disney version than this one.

    Also, did Captain Explainypants ever make a return? I forget.

  • OrangeRider
    Memeforce Zwei
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    Did the same people who made the English version of A Kitten Named Bow (AKA. the movie with “Gimme that meatball.”) did the DVD version of this because of the terrible VHS quality?

  • joliet_jane
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    Still awaiting that Fortunate Fawn review <3