• WPB
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    I think I’ve actually seen this movie before, or at least clips of it somewhere, because those bulldozer stalking scenes look mighty familiar.


    This movie is impossible to take seriously on its own, but adding in dialogue for Killdozer just turns it into a full-blown comedy and subsequently much more enjoyable, so I approve. Also, Killdozer vs. Life Crane was truly one of the most epic battles of our time. I was getting a “What is a man? A miserable little pile of secrets!” vibe from that whole scene, though I’m not sure if that’s what you were going for.

  • totallylegitimate
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    Where did you get the Colin Baker shirt?

  • HandsomeRatch
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    Are you going to review that movie about the killer fridge too?



    And it’s so sad that I’m being sincere here, and not being sarcastic…

  • astrakhan
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    I said this about the “Eyes of the Werewolf” review, but I think it goes for Phelous also: you’ve recovered from your Zen-filmmaking–induced madness. I don’t know what’s better the Ed Glaser line from “Ninja The Mission Force” or the lamp joke.

  • obsolete
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    have not watched this yet but this sorta reminds me of maximum overdrive

    • obsolete
      Prodigy Pet Gym Leader
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      Watched this a few times now, it actually reminds me more of a movie called The Car

      The “You Stink” gets me laughing every time xD

  • Steve3
    I'm THE BEST!
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    The credits say this was written by Theodore Sturgeon, the original creator of Star Trek’s “pon farr”, the bedrock upon which slash-fiction was built. Also, this    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sturgeon%27s_Law


    Glad you’re back Phelous, please don’t burn out.

  • Bl00dyHoundDog
    Old Man
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    The part where the one worker (or crazy guy) just staying in the jeep and not getting out and the dozer slowwwwly moving over to kill him reminded me of the one guy from Austin Powers who got ran over while they were yelling at him to get out of the way. No way he could of got out in time I mean he only had about 30 seconds, no human has that kind of reaction time it’s just unnatural.

  • likalaruku
    Completely Useless Now
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    ::Killdozer lightly knocks over the truck, which upon slowly & gently turning upside down, explodes into a firey mass::

    ChaosD1 isn’t here, so I’ll do it for him….ehem….”CARFIRES DON’T WORK THAT WAY!”



    Did you add that sound effect, or did it literally just fart out of existance?

  • megadolaon
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    New video player? What’s going on here? It looks neat. 🙂 I remember that’s the same Colin Baker shirt from the

    Jack & Jill review 😀 and it seems not a moment too soon.

    • SsnakeBite
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      I presume Phelous finally got enough of Blip putting 30 seconds ads before AND after the video AND now putting TWO of them halfway through.

  • Razorgeist
    A Real Turtles Fighter
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    Goddamn it I wrote this story back in 7th grade after seeing Maximum Overdrive on TNT.  Except mine was about a Thresher.  


    Amityville 4 reference for the win!

  • aspire77
    Just might make the CUT
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    man I sure love fresh air – AAAAAA

  • JDB15
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    Funny to see Clint Walker in a non-western movie. (Well, to me it is.)

  • Dejablue
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    Was this better than Christine? I think so…


    (actually I don’t)

  • Kirath
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    Do you work out? You look thinner and a bit stronger than in your earlier videos. 

  • coyboy
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    Awesome review Phelous probably one of your best yet. Shame that killdozer dies at the end, oh well at least we get to see another killdozer in maximum overdrive 😀 

  • valou999
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    The whole way through the review I was just thinking how the meetings for this movie went. I just imagine guys playing with their tonkas going “brrrrvrrrooom, vrrroooooom vroooom, crash, pew pew, ka-boooooom!” XD


    BTW, was that a KO Scrapper from the Devastator set there at the end? And what was the purple bulldozer?

  • RUcussingwithme
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    I swear to god i almost died from that.

  • nerdremix.com
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    Best episode by far, you have to continue doing it like this where you add your own little story inside the movie.

  • Rakmi
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    “It’s just you and me, Killdozer!”
    “No, it’s just ME, Lifecrane!”

  • Rakmi
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    Yeah, also, this was just amazing

    A Real Turtles Fighter
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    I’m sorry I had to do this: Constructicons, UNITE!!!!!!!!!

  • evilengine
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    I could just watch Phelous perform his something-kill movies over and over, as long as he keeps up the awesome scream. Seriously, there’s needs to be a 10 minute video of you making a ton of them, though I imagine the idea well will eventually dry up…..”ARRRRHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!”

  • turbowolf7
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    caught playing with your trucks again phelous? now we’ll never know who won

  • lunabuna
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    This is probably my favorite review of yours. I laugh the whole way through. XD The premise is just so ridiculous, and you take every opportunity to poke fun at it and totally run with it.

    “Killdozer runs on HAAAAAATE!”

    “AMITYVILLE FOOOOUR oh, damnit…”

    “Wait, don’t bulldoze me! I’ll JOIN you!” “Shut up, truck, you sold your soul by working for the MAN!”

    “This little light of mine, I’M GONNA bulldoze it.”

    And the entire exchange between Killdozer and Lifecrane.

    I think your skill with video graphics adds to the charm. Being able to replicate the rock’s glow effect so well really accentuated the hilarity of the joke, and not many reviewers can really do that. It sets you apart from the rest and makes it that much more enjoyable. Thanks, man. 🙂