Octopus is a movie that is about a terrorist being transported on a nuclear submarine. With a giant mutant octopus from toxic waste cameo.


  • Rakmi
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    Phelous, why you gotta be so mean to your evil clones?

  • Rosque
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    I loved the titlecards. They looked like some sort of mini comic.

  • DBslayer7
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    I believe Phelan was crying because he once again has an expensive barrier between him and allison and won’t see her till the 4th year anniversary.#loljkmetaimnotontwitteramI?

  • SilentHillFan
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    I with the cliche -and misleading, having only actually played two games- username have been watching your reviews for… hm… about half a year, Phelous, maybe a little more, and only now have I registered. I thoroughly enjoy each review. With that out of the way, I agree with you about this film. And I thought the ‘partying teenagers’ cliche you despise was bad. These characters are idiots! A part of the plot could have been avoided if the agent, cop, or whatever he was at the beginning just let the the terrorist die. Oh, and trying to escape from the sub… But… nope! In your words “That would make sense!”. Granted, civic duty and all that…

  • ubersettihemmo
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    Haha nice shredder cameo 😀 Good review but only 12 min long 😮

  • WikiSorcerer
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    I swear these reviews are just getting more Surreal…

  • Lenwe Narmolanya
    Lenwe Narmolanya
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    I bet you could have made a lot of sushi from that octopus, or something. Good review and I laughed at the shredder cameo way more than I should have, especially at the public library. Keep up the good work, Phelous.

  • Basque
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    Phelous, you magnificent Canadian bastard! I’m a long time fan, first time commenter and I wanted to thank you for doing everything you do. It’s great to see you review another creature feature, in the past those have been some of my favorite of your videos.

    I have no idea how you keep finding these movies where the plot is just so poorly thought out or patently absurd. Your short sketches for pointing out the most ridiculous moments, like trying to dive with a cruise liner or “We’ve found something on radar – blow it up!” are great. Nice shout out to The Hunt for Red October too. I’m also impressed with how you can do lines like “Evil Simon Pegg” and “McBlownUpington” without even missing a beat.

    Speaking of which, you and Lupa both have great vocal inflection which I think makes a lot of your jokes work when they otherwise wouldn’t. That in particular pertains to the more meta sketches you do which aren’t just pointing out how absurd something is in the movie, a lot of times I laugh at something and its not time after the video’s over I think to myself “Wait, that shouldn’t have been funny…”

    By the way, it looked like that DVD case said both Octopus and Octopus II. Counting Julie & Jack you’ve someone managed to find like 4 or 5 movie that involved Internet Ghosts of all things, are we going to see series of octopi reviews from you too?

    As a side note if you ever are in the mood for a giant creature movie “Boa vs. Anaconda” is the best giant snake movie I’ve ever seen. Though admittedly “Megasnake’ does have Feedback…

    Anyways, thanks again for doing your videos Phelous, and good luck with everything!

  • Meangreenmother
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    ‘Octopus’ really opened your eyes. You look so much more aware at the ending :d.

  • Grategy
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    I had to watch this thing twice… When the Sub blew up and everyone died I thought it was a joke. I still think I may have missed something…

  • keeganbdouglass
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    I like the “our main character” theme!

  • jardek
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    i like it but why the jurasic park theme?

  • BlandoCalrissian
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    Great! Can’t wait for Octopus Part 2. There is going to be a part 2 to this review, right?

  • Plasticlion
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    I just saw this horrible movie called The Amityville Haunting and you should totally review it! If not then send a message along to MikeJ because it’s an Asylum movie and all his Asylum Seeker shows have been reviews of  horrible giant monster movies. Oh. I see you’re busy reviewing a horrible giant monster movie. Carry on.

  • Shawn DC
    Shawn DC
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    I…I…I don’t get it.

  • RedSarah
    Fighting Steffi Love
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    Thank you, Octopus, for highlighting a problem I struggle with daily: the inability to swallow pills unless I’m shirtless. *slow clap*

  • Dejablue
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    Octopus 2 on the other side of that CD case. OH HAPPY-noooooo!!!!


    And…okay in all honest the end makes no sense.  Did Phelous have an ephiphany? Did he see some kind of hallucination? Is he going to the ocean to find an octopus?

    • LustfulMind
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      He’s obviously going to the beach to tame an octopus,then judging by the music,he’s going to Isla Sorna where he would tame the spinosaur from Jurassic Park III so he can have an epic duel with the octopus underwater until one of them wins!

      Why do everytime I hear or see something JP related,I have to be an annoying fan who needs to say stuffs about it?

  • urboli
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    Now it’s official, Phelous watches Arrested Development, I wasn’t sure about the Charlie Brown/Arrested Development one, but this settles it. And one of the best endings in a long time.

     Gimme moaaar deadpan.:D

  • Jellah-Feesh
    Just might make the CUT
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    That part at the end with the piano music… it made me smile. Speaking of nothing in particular, it would’ve been nifty if there was a giant moray eel in the movie that was hunting the octopus. Hmm… Maybe the octopus thought the submarine was a huge lobster, and that’s why it attacked. Sooo, pseudo-lobster goes *crunch* in the octopus’s mouth-thingy-that-really-shouldn’t-have-teeth, octopus goes *squish* in the eel’s jaws-that-actually-would-have-teeth-and-rightly-so-because-eels-have-teeth, and eel goes *boom* when the next band of numbnuts in a submarine decide to blow up an unidentified object on their radar. Yay.

  • MER
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    Why Ted? Why???

  • turbowolf7
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    that was played during your psychodelic “we’re in trouble” interlude? very catchy. so was there REALLY an octopus in this film? i think it was really jeepers creepers

  • snorgatch
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    So . . . what the fuck was the point of the whole subplot with the terrorists on the cruise ship????