• Rakmi
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    What is this “buy” you speak of? Is it some primitive form of illegally downloading torrents?

  • MaTachi
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    @Rakmi: I think it’s called supporting the companies/products you like.

  • FM
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    Radu (or however it is spelled) is pretty cool. Also I think the idea that the vampire are not inherently evil, but were kind of protectors of the town was kind of neat and done decently (unlike in another Vampire movie with sparkling vamps).

    Also the idea that the vampires can breed without the BS in Twilight or Bloodrayne about dampyrs & shit, is also interesting (although one might ask why aren’t then more vamps around…)

    The main problem of this movie is indeed the pacing and poor development of some characters… and some stupid bits here and there, but the concepts are quite interesting and you can clearly see the influence of movies like Nosferatu and the Lugosi dracula on it, it has that “classic horror” charm yet feeling also modern.

  • Arobin08
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    I made this profile just so I could comment and ask you why you have so many reviews here that aren’t on youtube?

    • Obscurus Lupa
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      These reviews are very old, and additionally they tend to get caught with content ID claims since I edited differently back then. Thanks for watching!

  • Brother_Malachai
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    Call me nuts, but I actually consider Radu quasi-handsome, even w/ the wrinkles, pale skin, and uber-long fingers.  :-/