• aspire77
    Just might make the CUT
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    mm Lupa

  • MikeKz
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    Holy hell, that looks like quite the piece of shit.  Funny review, though and a good parody song from Lupa. 

  • Earthbound_X
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    Yet another movie that misrepresents electric shock therapy. That myth about it being super painful will never go away will it?

  • Jorda75
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    Damn Lupa can sing, and she’s super hot (sorry Phelous, I must tell the truth!) 😀 Another great video, man this movie looked bad, prequels can be okay but this was just cashing in on the torture porn of the time and that ending made me want to wrap barbed wire around my neck till my head popped off (that’s totally how it works). Thanks again for the amazing video ^_^

  • moviebuffmel90
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    Great use of the Prehysteria music! Seriously though, this installment of Wrong Turn was so unnevering to look at.

  • Aural Aurum
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    Huzzah! Phelous’s beard is nearly back to its full power!

  • Aaranpd
    Old Man
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    Hello from England :D, just signed up to say I love your stuff and I have been a fan since the beginning (I am just lazy so I did not sign up till now). Great review, I will make a request in hope you will see them, either Survival of the Dead or Diary of the Dead or both :D.

  • RedSarah
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    The movie cips were hard to watch at times, but it was worth it for the Three Finger song and Clerks cartoon clip. 🙂

  • HandsomeRatch
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    Why are there movie makers who think that gore is scary?

    It just shows that they don’t know how to make a creepy or scary movie, so they’ll just throw in some blood because that’ll make it scary right??? RIGHT????


    Also, I enjoyed Lupa’s singing, she’s pretty good~

  • Kirath
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    The gore would be so much more gruesome if they made bodies behave more like they really should. Limbs don’t come off like cooked chicken legs, or do they?

    A Real Turtles Fighter
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    After watching that I only have one question………………………Lupa will you marry me?

  • runningerror
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    So the inbred looking and behaving in the cells like they are barely conscious of who and where they are but are able to pic a lock with a hairpin and can instantly operate the machines and this mental institute do have locks that are patients could pick when they want to and not special security locks?

    On the other hand, the film makers stop this series to try to make a little bit of sense right after the opening credits of Wrong Turn 1 so why should they start now. Great review and great singing by Lupa.

  • Darth Revan
    Darth Revan
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    of course!!!! dont kill the inbreded freaks that killed your friends because all the deaths that happend DOESNT EFFECT THE IDIOT GIRL OF COURSE THEY CAN BE SAVED and we can teach them how to read or even to cook things OTHER THEN HUMANS totally we can save them from eating us

    • Shawn DC
      Shawn DC
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      Made even better when she later decides to join the knifing party.

      “We can’t kill them all at once! But let’s all gang up on this one random bagged guy!” She is a downright stupid character that shows downright lazy screenrighting.

      Such a horrible movie from the same guy who did Part 3 of this “franchise.” I hope if they actually do decide to do a 5th film (Wrong Turn 5: In Space), they don’t call his number.

  • Kye
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    I liked that 007 thing Lupa did… that was awesome.

  • Kuro92
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    I love how just before the last two get their heads popped off you can actually hear one of them scream “oh no”

  • MER
    A Real Turtles Fighter
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    Only Three Finger’s makeup looked bad? What about the rest of the Inbreds? They all looked like they were wearing masks! O_o

    Please tell me that’s it for Host-erk I mean Wrong Turn b/c there’s only so much I can take from it. Wrong Turn Prequel’s timeline doesn’t match up (including being stacked up its other films).

    *Brain melt* @_@

  • Chiyonosake
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    I am so friggin tired that every other “horror” movie these days is in the “torture porn” genre. They should have a different name for this. Halloween with its atmosphere and suspense, The Others with its clever symbolism and scary build-up to a really meaningful revelation, or the original Alien with its claustrophobic feel to it! Now these movies were horrors!

    Torture porn movies should be called “look what disgusting things are happening, surely you feel sickened right?” movies or something.

    And the saddest thing is, that most of the younger generation “horror-fans” say things like “Jigsaw is cool man, because he creates these devices and plans and tortures people, and its nasty”, but when I say Halloween for example they say its boring, nothing happenes………….

    Disgusting images does not equal horror, I hope people will realize this soon.

    On an entirely different topic, may I ask you Phelous, what is your opinion on the Friday 13th remake? I think it was the only watchable (I even dare to call it good) remake of a horror classic I saw in years. And since you always complain about unlikable characters, well, I liked it, because in my opinion it had 4 likable characters I was able to care for. And the drawn out opening kill sequence was at least an effort to make something different, to add something to the original, not just get quick buck with zero effort)

    And dont get me wrong please, I am not asking for review or anything, just an opinion wheter you liked it or not, cuz I am interested.


  • terminator44
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    Good thing these Wrong Turn reviews came when they did. My stepfather asked me to watch Wrong Turn 4 a couple of days ago, and thanks to you, I knew better than to agree!

  • Dejablue
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    This movie could have used Party Cop

  • creedenceandthegoblinsfilms
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    In the title card why does Lupa have only 4 fingers on each hand and Phelous have 5?

  • HyperMushrambo
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    Do… people actually act like this?

  • megadolaon
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    Is there a commentary for this video? I’d actually like to see Lupa’s thoughts on singing that bit at the end. It was quite a bang 😀

  • calvinmark
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    This movie is so horror. But on top it shows in so funny.

  • turbowolf7
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    Deja Blue was right, party cop was needed in this horrific piece of shit. not a big fan of the torture genre or the gross out genre (which is why i will not watch human centipede 1 or 2 again though if i have drunk lots of rum maybe serbian film) a better ending would’ve been they got away and they were locked up themselves as the inbreds moved to the woods to hook up with uncle daddy brother sister whatever and all the bodies would be gone

  • Spike
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    Ughh, so this is basically what happens when you combine a hostel movie with a Wrong Turn movie. So the title’s pretty appropriate. It’s kinda annoying that this is such a boring type of bad movie. If only it could have been the fun type of awful XD