OLP: Ben & Arthur

It’s the film that dares to tackle the difficult issue of gay marriage, but with all the subtlety of a beehive in the pants. In other words, it’s hilarious!


  • thedeadhalo
    Comments: 69

    Im gay, and atheist. This is basically no. So flawed, so dumb. But you made it go from confused and offensive to even its target audience, to friggin hilarious! Why am I the ONLY one who comments on your AWESOME VIDS?!?!?!

  • Zirbal
    Comments: 5

    Wow ! Just wow ! I’m gay… and not afraid to tell this movie suck ! I think it should have been called THE gROOM…


  • Captain Librarian
    Comments: 10

    What? Ben is wearing socks and sandals, and he’s supposed to be gay? No gay man would ever commit such a mortal sin. Suspension of disbelief ruined.

  • CyborgPrince
    Fighting Steffi Love
    Comments: 172

    Congratulations, Sam Mraovich. You managed to make a film where every main┬ácharacter is an asshole piece of shit, well except for maybe Ben. He’s just occasionally a douchebag. What he sees in Arthur, I don’t know. There isn’t really anyone in this movie you can root for. Well, maybe Mildread (spelled that way according to Rantasmo) as she never got her full cup of coffee. Your reaction to the holy water recipe was great. I had to rewatch that bit a few times.

    Homophobia and religious fanaticism are two things that are all too real, but this film portrays them in such a way that it can’t be taken seriously. Seriously, the character of Victor acts like a Bond villain. And the fact that his church has a hitman for killing gay people is absolutely laughable. Even the Westboro Baptist Church would be like “Woah, man. Even we don’t go THAT far.”

    I found Sam Mraovich’s YouTube page. It’s mostly videos of him performing songs while wearing this weird Moe Howard style wig. Doesn’t look good on him. He did comment that he’s no longer making movies, which is too bad, because this movie looks hilarious. However, for that very reason I can see why.