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  • Drano
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    Congratulations on the 100th episode, Phelous.
    Your show is one of the best and most of all constant ones.

    And Tien Shinhan made this episode great.

  • darkdav3
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    Hopfully your next 100th episode isnt a pile of cowabunga SHIIIIT!!!!

    LOL Andy mc dick pick thats brilliant

    OHHHHH House of wax nice

  • busticketz4me
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    1 – Congratulations on your 100th episode(?) May you produce another 100 filled with cameos, meta humour and obvious inside jokes that I rarely understand! YAY!!

    2- Awful movie. I saw it while visiting the Philippines. It happened to be playing in my aunt’s video rental shop and I kept bitching about it outloud in english.Friggin CGI crocodile…or alligator? Hmmm…

    3 – I didin’t want to say this earlier because I didn’t know how it would come off, but you’ve been looking really good lately. You seem more in shape, you look well-groomed and you seem cleaner(?) Lol. Can’t describe it but whatever you’re doing, keep it  up!

  • Dejablue
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    Peering into the Croc’s Larder
    Nothing to be Frightened of
    By Julian Barnes


    I can’t think of a nastier way to die than in a crocodile’s larder.
    Imagine the scene: first of all you get bitten by a crocodile, then
    shaken until you lose consciousness. After that you are pulled under
    water and dragged into a specially created lair, within the bank of the
    river, but slightly above water level. You awake here, surrounded by
    putrefying carcasses, and realise that your destiny is to become another
    of their number. Then you die (suffocation? bleeding to death from your
    wounds?) and get eaten. You may even be eaten first.”

  • QuetzaDrake
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    Oh god no not House of Wax, that monstrosity.

    Also considering this video had ALL THE REFERENCES I was expecting more Mortal Komedy references. Not a single HE’S INFECTED WITH THE T-VIRUS or WHAT?! in sight. Disappointedness.

  • Benny
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    Wow already 100 videos.
    Good work Phelous, your videos are always something that make my tuesday worth. Also even if this week movie was boring (not much to say about it) The cameos were great ^^
    Can’t wait for next week with the mvoie with the best suspense ending!!! (Lolnope)

  • dunder
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    Grats on the 100th episode!

    You are really awesome at what you do.

  • RedSarah
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    Congratulations on your 100th episode spectacular!

    Loved all the references, and the cameos were fun as always. Great seeing Andrew. :awesome:

    Can’t wait for the 100th episode!

  • CerebroKraub
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    Happy 100th episode Phelan.

  • Fanglightwind
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    Congrats on your 100 episode another great and funny review on crappy horror movies cant wait see what u do next

  • Aural Aurum
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    How many Starscreams do you own, man?

    And who do you think did the character better: Chris Latta or Tom Kenny? (Charlie Adler is not in the running. Come to think of it, Tom Kenny is out, too, since he voiced Skids in “Revenge of the Fallen,” which disqualifies him from any Transformers-based discussion.)

    And to answer your question, no, I haven’t watched the actual review yet. I paused it on the shot of you back in your usual spot just to comment on your action figures.

  • Aural Aurum
    Just might make the CUT
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    I loved how angrily Allison said “derpty-doo” that time. I didn’t think it was even possible to sound threatening while saying that.

  • A Matteo Sandwich
    A Matteo Sandwich
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    Yeah 100 episodes, can’t wait for the next 100th celebration :D, House Of Wax ? D: God help us all !

  • IncendiaryLemon
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    Glad to see you used the 1st version of Oh Phelous 2011 rather than the one you have been using more recently. I prefer the first one to be honest. Also congrats on 100 episodes or 99. Whatever…

    • Phelous
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      Yeah I like the 1st version of Oh Phelous 2011 the most too. I just wanted to use the alternate take Julien did a couple times for something different.

  • The FanFic Critic
    The FanFic Critic
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    I didn’t think this episode was that bad! At least it finished the croc movies…OR DID IT??????????????????

  • Marussia
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    Congratulations!!! I’ve watched your video’s since the very first one and already liked it back then, but you’ve still managed to make some really awesome progress! I hope many more reviews will come.

  • Jorda75
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    I could go on and on about your videos but I’ll keep it short and just say I love your work. Even before I found out you lived about and hour and a half from me I really liked your videos. So congrats on 100 (err, 99?) and hope to see another 100 and more in the future! 😀

  • xiReiMiyamotoIX
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    I can’t believe I sat through this crap before… God, I must have been under the influence of meth or something.

    Great review.

  • Spike
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    Wow, what a completely unlikeable, terrible main character! Seriously, what’s with the writers of this film deliberately making that guy either into a jackass who doesn’t care about his own animals, or is just completely incompetent at the most basic functions of his damn job?

    Also, just hilarious that they keep showing real crocs, prop crocs and CGI crocs right after one another so we can just highlight how awful those effects are, haha.