• noles
    Comments: 7

    Aah , the Kim Gordon look , at least one nice nostalgic moment .  Horrible movie , funny review .  Thanks Lupa .

  • Freshstep
    Comments: 18

    “This video contains content from FOX, who has blocked it on copyright grounds.”

    So much for fair use. FOX (and by extension YouTube’s ready capitulation to anyone who complains) are both really so greedy as to block a review that contains perhaps 5 minutes of footage from the movie? This movie was terrible and it’s a blatant scam that it is sold to the public. To only seek to repress that fact and keep selling them, while killing off what little good could come of it in the form of an amusing review, is one of the biggest “fuck the public who pays our salaries” moves possible. Lupa/Allison, please find a way to get this video back out so the public can see it. Thank you.