Dead Snow

Nazi Zombies somehow get overshadowed by idiots who suffocate their girlfriends, as a joke, and try to find other ways to almost kill themselves.


  • MrSuperDuck
    Old Man
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    Phelous, actually, I hate to say it that the original dialogue wasn’t really that good…. but MUCH better than the English dub at least.

  • ModeWondershot
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    You thought this was bad? I’d like to hear your thoughts on the infamous viral ad campaign for the movie, spearheaded by Norwegian sex-magazine columnist/model Linni Meister, entitled “My Ass” (Very much NSFW). It’s kind of funny in its audacity alone, and definitely got word of the movie out, but I’d like to see it go up on the Phelous chopping block as well.

    Great use of Dead Rising 2 music for the creation of the machine gun snowmobile. I wonder what sort of name that combo weapon has? I’m thinking “Avalanche” or something like that.

  • The D1
    The D1
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    Grenades don’t work that way either.

    • SsnakeBite
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      Pretty sure Molotovs aren’t supposed to be used like that either.

      Also Phelous, I find making a whole review in the snow by night is an even impressive physical feat than carrying Welshy with the dreaded FIREMAN’S CARRY, the hardest way to carry anyone!

      Seriously though, that’s pretty impressive. I know you’re Canadian and all so you’re probably used to this, but it must still be cold as Hell.




      wait… Hell is supposedly full of lava and fire… didn’t really think this analogy through, did I?

  • Ellison Hawley
    Ellison Hawley
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    In all seriousness, though; are we going to see Stupid Surprised Dead Guy added to the Stupid Surprised Precious Moments collection? The world wants to know, Phelous!

  • Ralok
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    now review ghosts of mars, undead, or night of the creeps 😛


    I know, im an idiot.

  • Our Lord and Master
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    Really, sir? Vale Decem for a Nazi zombie movie?

    Well, it WAS unfitting… 😉

  • WikiSorcerer
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    I’m suprised you didn’t use footage from Rob Zombie’s “The Haunted World of El SuperBeasto” in it. That one had Nazi Zombies in it, and the General was voiced by Rob Paulsen so you know it’s good.

    And did you die this time? I couldn’t tell. At least open the next episode with a fakeout jump scare of you frozen in the snow with a stupid look on your face like that exposition-guy in this film. That would be hilariouse.

  • EmynStranger
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    Oh my God, I’ve actually seen this movie! I figured, like you said near the beginning, that a movie with Nazi zombies was bound to be entertaining if a little dumb. I admit that parts of it made me laugh, like the ridiculousness of hanging from someone’s intestines. But seriously, what was up with those characters? Smothering someone for fun? Causing an avalanche instead of, I don’t know, running away? Outhouse sex? Really?! And you’re right, the zombies aren’t in it for nearly long enough.

    Great review, too! I knew that you’d use that music in the amputation scene. Did you have to do a lot of takes for the outside in the snow parts? It was a good idea but I bet it was really cold!

  • RedSarah
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    Yay Groundhog Day! Part of that was filmed in my hometown.

    Wow, worst boyfriend ever. First a knee to the solar plexus and a pillow to the face, then an axe to the neck.

    The look on that guy’s face after he threw the molotov into the corner was hilarious.

    Nice Braindead shirt. Hey, isn’t that another movie where the cell phones don’t work? 😛

    Yesterday one of my coworkers was listening to classical music when the amputation theme song came on. I started laughing, and couldn’t explain why I was laughing because that would’ve made me seem even crazier. Thanks so much. 😉

  • Plasticlion
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    Where do you think we got the phrase, “You are what you eat?”

  • StormyPopsicle
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    that was comedy? Dude i thought Norwegians were nice and friendly, and had a tighter cap on violence in their seems i have miscalculated. o_o

    what is with that pillow smother thing? as that some sort of fetish for that one guy like shit sex? that was so freaking creepy and how come did her “friends” not intervene sooner? STUPID MOVIE IS STUPID D:< i like Nazi zombies... but gold? seriously. and is it odd that i think its still weird Europeans are still using nazis as villains in the 2000's?

  • psychosilpelit
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    wonder which is faster dead snow’s nazi zombies or the turbo-snakes from anaconda 3 and 4?

  • Phoenixfirex
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  • worlddictator85
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    but I really liked this movie.  It didn’t take itself seriously and had some awesome parts (the final climatic battle and the one girl suddenly becoming a badass).  Ninja Nazi Zombies are always good. 

  • worlddictator85
    Old Man
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    but I really liked this movie.  It didn’t take itself seriously and had some awesome parts (the final climatic battle and the one girl suddenly becoming a badass).  Ninja Nazi Zombies are always good. Also, I saw it with subtitles. 

  • Emo Bunny
    Emo Bunny
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    I actually have fond memories of my first viewing of this movie, not because it was good, but because it was what me and my current boyfriend watched on our first date…..we thought it was pretty funny, because of some of the pure cheesiness of it and even took turns guessing what cliche was gonna happen here and there. I suppose if I had watched it by myself….or with someone I didn’t care very much about….it’d probably have been a terrible experience =\

  • loadingmikke88
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    Try living in six or seven months with a dark winter.

    (and where the movie was made, in november,december/jaunary, its only about 3 hours of “daylight”. and cold, -31 F  ) Try that for a while and see if you dont find smothering funny after a while. 😛


    its a cheesy movie and i have to say, that all dubs make movies even worse than the originally intended.

    Lots of jokes that where taken out of it.:P        


    just like you could see The simpsons movie with every dub available. ( oh, the regret i feel for that=( )

  • FZL
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    When I first heard about this film a few years back all I knew was that is was called “Dead Snow” and that it had Nazi zombies. In my mind I envisioned a film that centered around the battle of Stalingrad, and how in a last desperate attempt to turn the tide an overzealous Nazi officer begins re-animating dead soldiers with a zombie virus. Instead we get a euro-version of CURSE OF THE CANNIBAL CONFEDERATES… I really liked my idea. </3

  • Greylin
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    For whatever reason, I assumed the joke was a reference to Surf Nazis Must Die.

  • tiro
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    1. weren’t you cold phelan? i cant spend more then 10 outside in the snow…


    2. i dont think i ever laughed so hard at “i dont wanna go!” that was just…i laughed for like 10 min xD

  • megadolaon
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    That was a bountiful number of gags in this review 😀 I especially liked the DR2 and Groundhog references.

    I like the idea of Nazi Zombies in a movie (and not just in CoD) and that the movie didn’t take itself TOO seriously. BUT!

    Pretty bad execution (pun intended). I definitely think they shoulda banked on the whole zombie slaying, and comedy portion.

    Pretty much till the end of the movie.

  • BMC
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    “Should’ve gone to the beach” reminds me of Bugs Bunny’s “I knew I shoulda taken that left toin at Albuquerque!”

  • eecartman
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    thank you. i have been hoping you would use dragonball gt song in a review. you are the man

  • turbowolf7
    Prodigy Pet Gym Leader
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    if you want MORE nazi zombie fun check out “the out post”. the baddest zombies around oh yeah. also i liked sara’s boyfriend, one of zombie films greatest badass’s, like ben, bub, big daddy , officer vingh raimes from day of the dead remake the black dude from the original, shuan, ed, tallahasee and barry burton. even though 2 are zombies put these guys together and you’ll have the ultimate anti zombie task force… WITHOUT ALICE POWERS!!!

  • WingsOfStLucia
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    You’d hate to see living snow, eh? Hope you averted your eyes from the Doctor Who Christmas special this year, then 😀

  • FM
    Just might make the CUT
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    Regarding what the guy says on Evil Dead 2:
    Evil Dead 2 is both remake AND sequel… they basically “remade” ED1 in abrigdged form (it’s more a recap really…) since Sam Raimi lost the rights to ED1, hence they could not even show clips from the first movie..

  • cRaZyJ21
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    Hehe being Canadian is so much fun. Because we get all this SNOW to ourselves!!!

    Dead snow: Snow that happens to fall in graveyards. But it only awakens Nazis as zombies. Making sense is not a specialty of mine 😀