• zmbdog
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    I never understood the little girl’s line about feeding Grandpa.  He’s clearly dead in this one.  Was that just supposed to be an excuse the rest of the family told her to justify why they kill people?  Why would they need to do that with Leatherface’s daughter?  Just raise her from birth to be a psychotic cannibal like the rest of you, it’s not like she wouldn’t have to learn the truth eventually anyway.

  • turbowolf7
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    looked and sounded like a carbine rifle. benny was the best part of this movie though having cannibal vigo works too. i couldn’t help but think leatherface as mick foley, any of his incanations: mankind, cactus jack. but perhaps leatherface was really dude love? anything is possible

  • likalaruku
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    I liked it. 😀

  • Jim
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    The woman from the second movie (cannot remember her name) made a cameo in the beginning of the movie, in the crime scene. She walks in and out of frame.