It’s Cry_Wolf… Nothing is real… or clever… or interesting!


  • PickPikmin
    A Real Turtles Fighter
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    Man that awesome techno remix for the opening is always awesome to hear.
    Anyway, great review, as always of course.

  • Herbis
    Old Man
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    If my friends would do something like that to me, I think I wouldn’t feel guilty for killing one of them.

  • joethulhu
    Old Man
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    Surprisingly, I have to defend this one… To a point. Up until Bon Jovi-teacher gets killed it’s not the best, but it’s alright. I saw it on TV once right after it came out and turned the TV off at that point, because I thought it was over, and I liked it.

    After then… Honestly, I was surprised when you showed more of the movie, and wow, it went downhill fast.

  • mimefan
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    This has nothing at all to do with the review, but who’s your favourite AA character, mine’s either Larry, Ema, Dick or Trucy. Also, did you know that Tom played Dean in GG?

  • Our Lord and Master
    Old Man
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    Everything is lies.


    </Street Fighter reference>

  • Speedwagon33
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    Was there supposed to be a moral or point to this movie?

    • mimefan
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      The point is, if you trust your dickhead friends, and act like a jerk, then your friends will cause you to shoot Kristoph Gavin  Bon Jovi and everybody on TVTropes will love you. And that’s the moral of the story. Also, Kristoph Gavin is s’pposed to be scratched out, don’t honestly know why it isn’t? (Guess what game I’m playing at the moment)

  • RedSarah
    Fighting Steffi Love
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    The “shot through the heart” music cue made me laugh so hard. :awesome:

    Darkwing Duck? That was random, yet awesome.

  • Keeto
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    Man, I love your videos!

  • StormyPopsicle
    A Real Turtles Fighter
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    Ahh i get the theme this time! the phoenix wright games are good mystery’s and the cry wolf was a shit-stery! *shot* okay that was dumb..

    but really…

    what the hell as that…

    It didn’t even feel like the movie lead to a climax. like point a, b, c, so on and that’s it. Like… I feel like there should have been a real killer… what the crap! this movie sucks. =_=

  • Jorda75
    A Real Turtles Fighter
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    Wow, what a clumsy movie. I can see the brainstorming session for this now, “Let’s make a movie about a serial killer where at the end it turns out it was all a joke, except the one really obvious villain had planned an accidental murder at the end.” “Wait, how the fuck does that make sense?” “I dunno, let’s just wing it as we go.”

    This is a common problem with so many modern horror movies, they all want to have a “clever” ending, but they forget story, character development and common fucking sense in order to get their idea in (see Triangle). Great review Phelous, keep em coming! 😀

  • Benny
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    When I saw on Tgwtg that you had a new Review I was like “NIIICEEE” but then I saw… CRY_WOLF
    I had tears and I was right, you did an amazing review of that movie and pointed so many things that even I didn’t realised the first time.

    Also you don’t look that old to have finished High School Last year.

  • ggbhtg
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    THE GAME? :p /trollface.jpg Anyway, I say let’s get dangerous and do a 5 sec review of this. The “fucking idiot” meter is just that high.

  • toma
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    The shot through the heart line when Bon Jovi dies is probably the funniest thing I’ve seen in any of your reviews actually.

  • Jellah-Feesh
    Just might make the CUT
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    Did that count as you getting killed? And would that be murder (homicide? manslaughter? not familiar with the specifics of each) to protect someone innocent, or suicide in self-defense?… Is that even possible? *decides she’d better hit the brakes on this train of thought before she goes crazy*

  • megadolaon
    Bat Hero
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    The Bon Jovi and Office Space jokes were waaaayyyy too awesome. Bon Jovi and Office Space….never thought the two would be mentioned in the same sentence. Btw, loved the subtle Silent Hill gag when the main guy got to the school. XD

  • gold zeo ranger
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    nice military rank its master corporal