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    yeah….i’d actually pay substantially less buying the snes and the game
    even from the thieving bastards that run my local retrogames store
    i bought may copies of smw and all-stars when snes game were still $10
    and i am glad i did (i live in PAL world, theyre not extremely common here)
    these retro games just wouldnt be the same with a different controller
    nintendo has been letting us down alot in recent years(besides handhelds)
    they cany try and live off their onnce glorious name forever

    ONE GOOD RANT DESERVES ANOTHER :D(quantitiy over quality for me really :P)

  • wyldfox
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    I love Mario, and bought this when I found out about it. Now the problem I found is many things, your rant is very good. There is so much they could have done with all that room on the disc. They could have put all stars, Mario world, Yoshi’s island, hell, i would even say put the 8bit and 16 bit on there or use New Super Mario style graphics with the 4 games. The instruction manual is not even that and tells nothing of the sort. The disc has 1 song from each game (about half the disc) and the other 10 tracks are sound effects. I don’t want sound effects, i want the music from the game. They should have stuck 2 songs from each game on there if they where going with those 10 games. I do like it, but I also found it very disappointing on content with everything. I think I bought it just in case it might had have more, well hoping it had more.

  • ALXX530
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    $50 for Super Mario All-Stars???

    Is there a price difference between the US and Canada, because I got mine for about $30. But you’re right anyway, this was pretty lazy and they could’ve done alot more with it. But instead they just put a SNES game that should’ve been on the virtual console for about 700 points and it had no changes at all.

    So yeah, I guess I wasted about $30 on a game that I already had on the SNES…BUT HEY IT’S MARIO AND IT CAME WITH A SOUNDTRACK!!!
    ….also I didn’t want to go to hell before I die. =(

  • SsnakeBite
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    Wow, just wow. I already found it ridiculous when Capcom released yet ANOTHER version of Street Fighters 2 (because clearly we didn’t have enough of those), but at least this one had enhanced graphics and only cost 10 bucks.


    And after seeing something like this, I don’t want to hear any fanboy tell me that “Nintendo innovates whereas other companies just copy them”.

  • Kleiner Kokiri
    Kleiner Kokiri
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    You know what, Phelous ? Most people would have just stated their opinion in some sort of vlog.

    But not you ! Not my Phelous !! :O Not only does he make a sketch about it, but also puts some effort in editing and costumes; hilarious !

    Anyways …

    Have you heard about that “raocow” guy from youtube ? He’s some sort of LPer from Canada. If you can effort the time you should check him out. Especially the “とってもYEAHHHH!!” hack.

    If i am allowed to post links ?


    I bring that up, because he basically does a lot of “Mario Hacks”. ROM Hacks based on the Super Mario World Engine, made with Lunar Magic. Those hacks usually have not only new sprites, a new better story, music, new items and abilities but also even new bosses programed in ! <.<

    Now look at this video or any hack of Super Mario World. Even though they are made by amateurs, that get no money whatsoever for their work, they still do so much better, than Nintendo !!

    How does that make you feel ? xD


  • Limpyleg
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    50 bucks?  I could eat for 2 weeks on 50 bucks!  Iv’e heard its 30 bucks, but still were talking about a week and a half of food here.

  • HatefulCactus
    A Real Turtles Fighter
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    Glad my original Mario games still work. Loved the one-man brainstorm session, and the Captain Lou Albano reference.

  • RoperFDF
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    where do you get off calling Mario MARY-O?! I HATE THAT SHIT! Do you know ANYBODY named MARY-O? Have you played Mario 64?! Mario tells you from the first screen “It’sa me. MARIO”

    why the hell do so many people insist on pronouncing his name wrong?

  • megadolaon
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    I absolutely loved the skit. It’s probably very accurate, unfortunately D=

  • Vin
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    Super Merry-Oh