• twocooljoe87
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    I Hate the remake of Black Christmas but the 1974 one is good.

  • RedSarah
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    Aww, Christmas Rape Horn. A present for all of us. 🙂

    What a terrible idea, to “explain” the killer (or killers, I guess). The whole reason he was creepy in the original is that you never really knew who he was or why he was killing anybody. You couldn’t even make out what he was saying on the phone half the time.

    Did they include the pregnancy subplot from the original? And was the icicle death of Andrea Martin just coincidence, or did the killer actually drop/throw it down at her?

    My favorite part of the original was continually seeing the poor first victim in the window during the whole movie. It was so creepy and sad. I guess it’s just as well it’s not in this one.

    Merry Christmas!

  • EXL
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    It seems like the people who made this movie didn’t get that a remake actualy has to have something to do with the original. They changed the feel and the story of the original completely and still try to pass it off as something similar.

    The problem with remakes like this is they dont know what to change and what to keep and in this case they tried to make it something new but to do that they threw everything from the original overboard.

    There’s a simple solution to this… DON’T CALL IT A REMAKE!!!

    If you want to make a new movie don’t slap another popular movies title on it, it’s only going to disappoint fans.

    All that coupled with stupidity and the excessive gore of this movie was bound to turn out as a shitty movie.

    On a side note… Why is everything so sharp and amazingly powerful in this? The icicle, the candy-cane, the skate… What the hell?

    Anyways, good job Phelous, can’t wait untill the next review.

  • Kara99
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    As someone who works in a prison, the first thing I thought when I saw the guy’s freakin name PAINTED on the door was, “Really?  Why would they do that?” 


    So the “Cell changes in this asylum must be a bitch” line was absolutely AWESOME.  People who don’t work in these environments don’t usually pick up on things like that.

    I heart you.

  • moviebuffmel90
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    Wow. Of all the reviews, I never throught it could any gorier…that is til Piranha 3D…anyway, thanks for the BLACK Christmas gift. Makes me feel better after seeing Canada getting blown to bits.

    Seriously though, good work with the animation for that and this review. Also, glad to have helped keep the votes controled. I didn’t want you to have the hassel of going throught the forum and counting them, so I thought what the heck. An early X-mas gift. Take care and have a merry 25th.

  • ggbhtg
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    It seems Hollywood still hasn’t run out of original ideas to rip off yet.

    Maybe you could get ready for the new year with a review of a good movie? Nah, you’ll probably have to review New Year’s Evil or something.

  • KaitoKId
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    ‘A Phelous Black Christmas’-Phelous didnt die??? Well, merry Christmas to that version of you I guess!


    Also, you ate the candy cane the other phelous sucked on, eww.

  • baboKeisari
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    Holy crap that seems like a great movie. 😀 Merry christmas you all!

  • futuro
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    So Kelly was on top of Agnes while electrocuting her? That doesn’t seem like a really good idea

  • Spike
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    Awww, I was hoping for an intercut with the eye-pulling scene from Kill Bill 2.

  • Jorda75
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    Wow, this movie looks…like it has a lot of peoples eyes getting stabbed/pulled out? Seriously that can be a creepy effect if you use it once, but when it happens over and over and over it just gets pointless and even a little silly in this case.

    Great Christmas review Phelous, hope you had a merry one yourself and enjoyed all that snow we got, ha ha ha 😀

  • tlaloc4kids
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    I’m glad YOU said “work that candy cane” because I kept hearing it in my head.

  • Gunwild
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    I really like some of the shots in this movie that contrast brightly-colored Christmas lights and snow and shadows, it actually looks nice from time to time. But they had to go too far playing with the colors by deciding to make the killer yellow for no reason I guess.

    Screw them for the story too, the original Black Christmas had some very specific qualities that made it good and they didn’t even try to duplicate them.

  • megadolaon
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    “The Killer is yellow…why? Yellow. Why?” I really liked how you don’t even answer your own question! Good satire of the writers of this… eehhhhh “remake”…..

  • megadolaon
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    After watching Supernatural, then coming back to this video, I realized that the blonde chick in the white blouse is Ruby from Supernatural!! 😀

  • boyofdestiny001
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    Do you still read these comments even after all these years Phelous?