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    Great video as always.

    Just wanted to say, long time fan from TGWTG, you have gone from HHHmmmm, to must watch! Thanks for all your work and efforts and Happy Holidays to you and yours!

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    Awesome review, can’t wait to see what’s next.

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    What’s up with the logic of this movie? Why the heck did she resort to killing herself and the others to save them? It didn’t even work. The time loop in this movie doesn’t make sense at all but yours sure does.

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    Their is a Spanish film called ‘Time Crimes’ which seems suspiciously similar to this and was made two years before it. Time Crimes was good though, it managed to be scary with interesting twists and was even quite funny at certain points.

  • Ed Glaser
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    This is great! Brilliant work with the sketches.

    The film itself had a lot of potential and some really powerful moments. It’s a shame they squandered it by not planning it out properly.

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    Haha… very clever parody through the review.The setup for the film seemed really interesting, but it kinda went nowhere. I was expecting some kind of revelation at the end, but it all just ended up making no sense. Keep up the mocking of movies that deserves it.


    …the nightmare becomes reality!

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    Another awesome review Phelous, thanks again! I loved the opening music as well, Sad Panda’s song is wicked and this version is even better imo.

    This movie tries to be clever and thought provoking but in reality it’s just a jumbled mess with no real thought put into it and no continuity. If you want to see how good writers handle a time loop watch the Star Trek episode “Cause and Effect”, it’s so much better than this crap.

    I do have to admit that some of the scenes, particularly the one with all the dead bodies piled into one place, was quite striking and would have been a great tone setter for the movie…if it made any sense! It feels like Triangle is just trying to be so confusing and backwards that you don’t have the time or the brain power left while watching it to realize that it doesn’t even follow it’s own plot devices and scenario.

    Once again thanks Phelous, can’t wait for the next one 😀

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    Hopefully the review cycle won’t paradox and erase you or send you back to “AVGN vs B-17 Bomber”

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    I watched this movie a few times trying to figure it out. I think I figured it out though I might just be trying to like this movie too much, because although there are arguably big plot holes, the acting is actually good, and the whole vision of the director is quite effective and building suspense (at least for me).


    From what I gathered, The first time we see Jess kill Victor she had actually already saved Victor from a parallel past self (I will explain this later on) and then the initial Jess kills Victor anyway and then her future self (the Jess we see just before she falls overboard) gets rid of Victor’s body and the other bodies. Her Parallel past self is the “mean” Jess we see shooting from the balcony in the theater the second time which is why she gets shot. Not because Jess changes things in her second run through, instead, her second run through is actually a parallel loop.


    The parallel loop is actually difficult to figure out if you’re not paying attention. In the first run through, we see the Aeolus from the ship’s left. The second time we see Jess and her companions board the Aeolus it’s from the ship’s right. So there are actually two parallel loops, one is a chain of events very similar to the other but slightly lagging behind.


    When Jess doesn’t shoot her parallel self, that parallel self becomes the “mean” Jess.


    After Jess disposes of the bodies (except for Sally because Sally dies on a part of the ship the rest of Jess’s party never sees, and all the dead Sally’s probably don’t stink because it’s simply down wind and above the rest of the ship) she also cleans the mirror. The parrallel Jess replaces the other items on the ship like the axe, knife, crowbar, shot gun, etc. off camera because she has a divergent plan to get back to her son from the Jess we are more familiar with that involves setting up the Jess we are more familiar. This parrallel Jess gets wounded in her head on the first Jess’s third run through (or what we think is the third run through) during the duel with herself in the theater.


    Also, keep in mind Jess supposedly survives that car accident. The Seagull she hits piles up on the shore because the seagull is also traveling back in time. It is the same seagull we see Greg talk about “going hungry” near the start of the film. When she survives the car accident, although she shows no signs of injury, she likely suffered brain damage which is why she has amnesia (although the amnesia is not total because she seems to remember the ship subconsciously which manifests as deja vu) so at the end of the movie when we see her decide to board the triangle she is operating on instinct rather than clear coherent memories. Also, consider this would probably be around her 40th time trying to fix things so her brain is getting close to being scrambled which might also explain some of her irrational choices.


    Also at the end we see the cab driver ask to promise if she will come back. She breaks that promise just like Sisyphus breaks his promise to death. It’s no coincidence we see the cab driver pick up Jess immediately after the car accident. The cab driver is meant to represent death. It is valid to interpret that Jess has actually been dead (or in hyper time-dilated near death) the entire time and her ordeal on the ship is a process of her trying to forgive/punish herself for her abuse of her son. Every time she leaves the cab, she has the opportunity to stay and let go, but she chooses to forget that her attempt to fix things is actually futile, and that the only way to escape is to simply forgive herself. It’s actually quite a brilliant illustration of the basic struggle of the human experience.


    There’s also a lot of very clever refferences, foreshadowing, and metaphor you miss. The seagull. Jess’s son’s toy boat capsized in the swimming pool. Of course the mythological refference to Sisyphus and Aeolus. The mask from Friday the 13th. The room number they find the “go to theater” message in is the same room number that is haunted from The Shinning. There’s a lot of other subtle stuff I’m probably missing. I think you’re being extremely unfair and not really applying yourself. Sometimes you have to make an effort to meet the director/writer half way. Maybe I just give movies more benefit of the doubt/suspension of disbelief than the average person, but I consider Triangle to be pretty clever and carefully constructed for a Time Travel plot akin to the indie film “Primer”.

    • Rakmi
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      Paragraphs, please use them.

    • FM
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      I think that there are some plot holes that this movie cannot explain, especially how this whole thing started and how some places “fully reset”, while other keep stacking up shit that happened to the past.

      ” Jess replaces the other items on the ship like the axe, knife, crowbar, shot gun, etc. off camera because she has a divergent plan to get back to her son from the Jess we are more familiar with that involves setting up the Jess we are more familiar.”

      Well we never see tha, so it might not happen at all in the movie.

      Also WHY does she do that? Why kill them all? If it is evil Jess that has seen everything happen before, she should be able to kill them all, including herself (since she know eveything they do), then go back and NOT take the drive.

      There might have been some “nice symbolism” in the movie… but in the end there are too many plot holes to make sense.

      Also the acting is not too good either…

    • FM
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      “After Jess disposes of the bodies (except for Sally because Sally dies on a part of the ship the rest of Jess’s party never sees, and all the dead Sally’s probably don’t stink because it’s simply down wind and above the rest of the ship)”

      Only problem with this is that she DOES see the bodies at SOME point, in ONE of the loops… hence either there are more then two loops involved (creating more plot holes) or they just fucked up. Either way there is no solution.

      “she has a divergent plan to get back to her son from the Jess we are more familiar with that involves setting up the Jess we are more familiar.”

      Why not just kill herself then without all the nonsense of killing the others? Or just killing herself after she injured victor?

      With her foreknowledge she makes shitty decisions…

      “Also, consider this would probably be around her 40th time trying to fix things so her brain is getting close to being scrambled which might also explain some of her irrational choices.”

      I can buy she is crazy, but I think after those many times she either woul go gaga or come out with a good plan… she has plenty of time…

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    What the hell.. why have there been the old bodies, if it’s a time loop?
    Doesn’t a timeloop mean that a certain period of time repeats like in EVERYTHING is like it has been at the beginning?
    In this case there’s just a event that happens over an over again without the time repeating. It just like the time is a straight line with the same poeple coming over and over again, except that the blood one the mirror vanishes and the rifles spwan again (edit: It might be any of the “mean” versions doing that, but that doesn’t cover all the plotholes there).
    And yeah, the time outside the ship seems to be even further in the past than the beginning of the events..

    That just doens’t make ANY kind of sense. It’s like TNA logic..

    Oh wait, I get it, this movie implies that there is an intelligent godlike being, that controlls our reality like a game it plays, so whatever that being wants to happen in our reality will happen. And this being is a freaking moron.

    Edit: Okay, the basic idea of Death/Life and Sisyphus etc. is pretty good, but the movie tried way to hard to be extremly complex and in the end it couldn’t handle itself and it breaks its own logic many times and that’s something a film should never do.

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    This movie is almost as confusing as your plot lines! HEY-OOOOH!
    But seriously, my brain hurts.

  • The FanFic Critic
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    Great review, Phelous! Your reviews get better and better!

  • RedSarah
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    I love the “Oh Phelous” remix. And Andrew Dickman’s title cards have grown on me; this one was awesome! Totally reminded me of a…Starlog (I think) magazine article I read as a kid about the Other Marty McFly created by the Back to the Future timeline. Which helped me follow your selves in the review (if not the movie itself). 🙂 I think that magazine also had Tom Baker in it (I actually bought it for an interview with Carrie Fisher about filming RotJ), but I had no idea who Doctor Who was.

    Sorry, rambling. Anyway, usually your reviews make me glad I didn’t see the movie, but this one actually looks really interesting. Is it worth checking out?

    • Phelous
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      It has some good points to it like Melissa George’s performance but in the end like I say in the vid I wasn’t happy with all the conflicting points of logic. The way the boat worked should have been consistant and I wish there were better reasons for the main character’s actions to cause the repeats.

  • QuetzaDrake
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    Well that was unnecessarily convoluted. At least you covered the time loop stuff better than the movie did.

    Major, major props for the Phoenix Wright bits. Love that music so much.

  • SsnakeBite
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    Yet another movie to add to the overlt long list of “great concept on paper, godawful execution”. Time travel/loop stories are very hard to handle as even when they’re well handled, they almost always cause (and sometimes even rely on) some sort of plot hole by way of time paradox (for example: let’s say in the Terminator series, SkyNet succeeds in killing Sarah/John Connor, then they don’t have any reason to send a Terminator back in time since they never heard of John Connor since he died long before the war even begun, so they don’t send one and John leaves, so why do they even bother in the first place?).


    But here, it seems even worse as the movie gives itself extra obstacles with the dumb concept of the time loop somehow affecting some events but not all of them, and randomly resetting some of them when they didn’t before just because the plot requires it! Convenience!


    Man, this movie could have been so awesome had the writers handled their own gimmick better.




    Also, yay! The doctor Who gimmick is back! I love it that way, coming back once in a while as a running gag.

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    Awesome review, a little TOO awesome. Because I’ve had that triangle theme stuck in my head for nearly a week now.

    Triangle triangle, triangle triangle….make it stop!

  • Ellison Hawley
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    This movie has crappy acting, doubly crappy plot, and more plot holes than any three other movies you’ve reviewed combined. But, and this is the only reason I watched this movie, the sets are oh-so-good; seriously, the feeling of a 1930s British passenger liner really sinks in when it isn’t ruined by…well, everything else. Like Ghost Ship, the sets took a load of work and the rest was just a load period.

  • MrDonkeydong155
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    Wow, this entire films premise is a big mess. There is no beginning to the looping, so it kinda loses its whole purpose. I’ve never seen this movie before and have NO intentions of EVER seeing it, I think it’d just be one big headache waiting to happen. I’d rather watch Birdemic over and over again for the rest of my life than watch this distorted hunk ‘o junk once.

    And like I said, excellent review Phelous – I’d imagine reviewing this film over and over again would be alot more terrifying than this movies … ahem…”plot”.

    Jeez- why couldn’t they just have made a film about the Bermuda Triangle instead!?

  • Fanglightwind
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    not sure what make ofthis movie it has some good ideas but they messed up on there delvery and also way to many plot holes to really enjoy it but u did give it a nifty lil song trangel trangel lol funny

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    triangle triangle triangle yeah this movie is stupid

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    i disagree with some of your review for the movie triangle. First the set of keys weren’t created by the loop they were left on the ship by jess prime, the original jess before she went back in time and killed herself, cause you see her pick her keys up in the beginning, then her future self kills her and has a car crash and loses her keys in the crash. Secondly the sos call sally makes happens every other loop and we hear her in the middle of the second loop because the end of that loop is playing out while the duplicates are still on the life boats. Third the bodies are being cleaned up by jess 2, because if you remember, there are 3 jesses on the boat during each loop. You said jess and her future self never cleaned up the bodies so its a plot hole when it was jess 2 that was cleaning up the bodies. Also the go to theater message was written by jess 3, seen by jess 1, wiped out by jess 2 after jess 1 left, in the same loop. That explains why sally and downey don’t see a message when they are tricked by jess 3. Also its not the first loop we are seeing its approximately the 70th. Also in the past the amount of seagulls piling up is because a seagull keeps travelling back in time with jess and is killed, but cause its not part of the timeline it keeps piling up instead of being reset, explaining why there are not multiple car accidents, cause the car, jess and tommy are from the timeline. That is all. I did enjoy the review tho but just wan’t to point out the plot holes you mentioned that aren’t plot holes.

  • stonedXmonkeysXhero
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    lol super great! 😛 this is one of my favorite reviews bassically because of the time travel non sense you used as phelous who and also the movie would be really good without failing points of logic and some non sense plot devices with actual potential with descent actors… 🙁

  • valou999
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    Love this review, however there’s one point I feel I need to correct you on and that’s the set of keys existence. To sum up, future girl drops the keys, past girl hears the noise and picks up the keys. She later gets stuck in a time loop and while spying on her past self, drops the keys and the circle continues. You say that for this to have happened the keys must have come from somewhere else initially for this to make sense, because otherwise where did the keys come from… But no, not at all. It’s not easy to wrap one’s brain around the concept but this is called a “onthological paradox”.

    A onthological paradox is when an item or information either becomes its past self or creates its past self. Example: an engineer finds notes on how to build a time machine, he builds the time machine and then sends the notes back in time for himself to find. Who wrote said notes in the first place… ? No one, or rather it’s completely unimportant because in this context it’s the paradox that created the notes in the first place. In fact, in the movie Triangle, the girl could’ve come across the REAL set of keys where it was last left at, meaning 2 identical set of keys could have coexisted at the same time and it would still make perfect sense.

    The most well-known example of an onthological paradox in cinema is the very existence of John Connor in the Terminator series. John Connor was conceived by Sarah Connor and Kyle Reese, a man from the future. Who sent him? John Connor’s future self, a being that wouldn’t exist without that particular past event first occuring. I actually got into quite a messy argument with my brother once trying to explain this same concept. He was convinced, much like yourself, that at one point John had a different father and that by sending Kyle in the past John had changed the chain of event. That’s completely incorrect. It’s basically trying to give a starting or finishing point to a time paradox that basically cannot have either. It’s the chicken and the egg all over again.

    Time traveling is a funny thing that way…

    • Phelous
      Comments: 623

      That’s not how the key thing worked though. She lost her keys durring the storm BEFORE they got on that ship. Therefore she never had a chance to bring them aboard the ship in the 1st place. Also this film tries to use so many versions of how time travel works it falls in on itself.

  • Dejablue
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    When people try to make movies about time loops  they really need to research this idea to keep blatant contradictions and paradoxes from being apparent.

  • Daleklawyerbrony
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    yes YES I love it when you make a phoenix wright reference those are so cool for really reals

  • FM
    Just might make the CUT
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    The main problem with this movie is that there should be an “original Jesse” that does kills her friends WITHOUT her “masked evil self” (or whatrerver) but the problem is that the original Jesse had no reason OR motive to do so, since she did not know she was in a time loop and so could save her son…

    Hence the events in the movie can only exist in “media res”… hence make no sense.