• WikiSorcerer
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    I love Pester! He’s a bum with a different style from Chester. Next time you, Lewis and Doug meet, there should be a crossover. Oh, and Spoony to if he still does his bum. I laughed so hard when he started throwing up I nearly passed out. Keep him on the show. And D-1 too. He’s still in the Otherworld right? Use him to

  • Dorkin T Wizzard
    Dorkin T Wizzard
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    the deadpan look, priceless, mainly b/c I felt the exact same way. I was almost going to look at it on Nexflix, ty for saving me from that one!

  • Dranoel
    Old Man
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    Is it just me or does this movie’s Nerd in some shots look like some other Nerd we all know?..

    Well.. anyways.. great review.

  • moviebuffmel90
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    Killer turkeys…stupid sluts…bad dialouge…what a crappy movie. The ending with Pester was priceless. If they do another Resident Evil or Silent Hill movie, he would be perfect to use. Overall, another hilarious review in my books and happy late Thanksgiving. Also, word has it Eli Roth plans to make his faux trailer of the thriller Thanksgiving into a movie. Guess Grindhouse was quite the momument.

    P.S. Awww, Leslie gets a special thanks. Sherily, you must be serious?

    P.P.S. Seriously though, Grindhouse kicked ass and its one of my favorite films.

  • Shamussss
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    I love your videos Phelous.

  • Cosmic
    Old Man
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    I like this movie, but not for the reason you would think. I like it for how bad it is but I don’t actually find any of the jokes that were suppose to be an actual joke funny. I find this movie enjoyable if you watch it with a bunch of friends and make fun of it. The cheesiness is a plusfor me.


    I agree with this reveiw though. Although I feel bad but I do think the part where the turkey dresses of like the dad was kinda funny, say what you will and it definaltly isn’t something to be proud of, but i did laugh at the turkey possing as the dad.

    and I don’t watch this kind of thing I walk in on my brother and his friends watching a movie on netflix, called “Zombie Strippers” I don’t think it was a porno because all it was for the entire time I was there was people waiting till the last moment to start shooting zombies waking very slowly down a hallway and when they did fire it shot like this weird yellow ring thing, i don’t know… I was only there for like, 5 minutes and it had really cheepo actin and stupid as hell dialog, but it might make a good reveiw, but it might actually be porn. I dont know why I dont just google it, probably cause im scared of what i might get, but maybe that’s worth cheaking out.

  • RedSarah
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    This movie is from 2009? Wow, it makes Humains look…well, not *good*, but better, anyway. And calling Native Americans “Indians” in 2009? Jeez.

    I’ve never been a fan of the bum characters, but I have to say Pester’s my favorite since he didn’t talk much and he died. 😉

    Who was the woman that made the shit coffee? Did she get killed, or was she only in the movie for that?

  • QuetzaDrake
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    Wow, a “Cut!” callback, now that’s old-timey.

    This was, indeed, a terrible, terrible, terrible movie, really not worth saying anything more about it than that, although this one really seems like something Brad would do instead. Funny seeing you take more things like this and the Snob’s sort of stuff on.

    Also I’ve always enjoyed when your makes a >:[ face because your mouth vanishes behind your mustache.

  • Markseth
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    Pester is you in 5 years, Phelous, if you don’t stop exposing yourself to these horrible movies… 🙁

  • ggbhtg
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    The screen kept shrinking during some of the movie clips, but it’s fitting for this…..whatever this was.

    Unfortunately the joke did get funnier the 2nd time.

    Ugh, was this movie trying to be a parody or meta of campy horror movies or something? They kept switching between 1/4 seriousness and being completely aware of movie cliches. Whatever it was doing, it failed miserably.

    I expected to see the overhead spinning scream thing again. Aren’t you allowed to review one GOOD movie by now?

    If not, I suggest Halloween: Resurrection. It’s about time you take on one of the famous slasher series, as they are not immune to idiocy. I also recommend the Saw series when it’s fully released.

    Oh, and obligatory “Duh duh duh duuuuuuh! Curien!”

  • thelovelynerd29
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    Wow, this movie is sad. Horrible acting, stupid plot. And the humor…dear god it was awful. It was like two drunk guys with a typewriter wrote it. Speaking of drunk guys…LOVED THE BUM!!!! (hmmmmm, that came out a little odd)…but he was hilarious. Although the whole time I couldnt help wondering…was that real Vodka in the bottle? If so, cheers to you for downing that so quick! lol 🙂

  • PickPikmin
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    Hooray for Canadian Thanksgiving! Oh sorry, ThanksKILLING. No wait, TITSgiving. You gotta love how the first thing Jock was crying about is they’re not having Thanksgiving dinner.
    Gravy flavored condom? WTF?
    Oh, I thought they were going to Disney Land.

    Pester Z. Bum FTW!

  • baboKeisari
    Old Man
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    Omg I cant even imagine what it’s like to watch that movie. Havent seen it but it looked pretty damn awful even in Ed Wood standards.

    Btw what did the chick say at 4:03? “Lets pwn”? 😀

  • Neowulf
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    I thank you for reviewing this movie. I saw this movie on Netflix, but was hesitant, as I had no idea what it could be like. Then I watched it. At first, it was the shittiest movie I had ever seen. But as the movie progressed further, I began to realize that it was so bad, it was good. So I actually like this movie, because I find it laughably bad.

  • StormyPopsicle
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    God. I watched that this weekend (before i saw this reveiw) and I watched it with my dad. It was so awkward. .___. so …so very awkward. Because 1, he finds perverted tastless jokes funny, and 2, he thinks this kind of humor funny. =___= it hurt me to watch this… i hate it i hate ittttt *cries*

  • tokando
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    Whats with the Tommy Wiseau smashing up the apartment scene that you did in the beginning?

  • Phoenixfirex
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    *Facepalm* This is indeed Bad Comedy…

  • EpicFish
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    Oh Phelous, you’re break down mid-review of the turkey sticking it to the slut was most entertaining! I suppose for the whole “repeating a bad joke twice makes it even funnier” can only make sense if they’re thinking is “If a joke kills, keep using it”! Although the entire movie is crap, the trukey puppet can be considered nightmare fuel.

    Btw, this was my first time ever seeing Pester, and I think he made me laugh more than Chester. Don’t tell Doug I said that! (Haha)

  • Rakmi
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    Wilhelm scream?! Aaaagh.

  • LostontheRoadTerribleMovies
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    There are sites talking about how there is to me a sequal. I wonder if its going to be like Jack Frost?

  • EddieVoorhees
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    the end made me laugh so much..Pester reminds me of Tim Robbins in Tenacious D 😀


    I Love how your reviews are more entertaining than the actual Movies.

  • turbowolf7
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    OH MY GOD THIS IS THE WORST MOVIE EVER!!! good thing pester saved the day yet tragically died trying to review the horrible movie. NEVER FORGET! pester c. bum RIP 12.1.10 and rewatching this again confirms the point of worst movie ever… and its netflixable… someone save us!

  • likalaruku
    Completely Useless Now
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    The Bum was so funny I cried a little.