• turbowolf7
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    i know this movie is bad but other people should’ve said so years ago. also never trust a welshman, for reasons unknown to me i say so… that made no sense…

  • likalaruku
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    “20 years ago, a case of bouillon got out of hand at a local boys school. It rained & the place was taken over with the scent of chicken & beef.”

  • CyborgPrince
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    Cricket. Not exactly the most threatening sport when it comes to horror. Yes, I know the spikes are lethal, but so is a bowling ball. Yet I’m sure a bowling themed killer would still get laughed at. I keep thinking this is a British film, even though it says it’s Australian. I know cricket is big in the UK, but I often forget how big it is in Australia as well.

    Gotta love movies where the characters have to do stupid things in order for the story to work. Actually, no. No you don’t.

    Also, Welshy in that cricket outfit with that fake mustache kind of looks like Weird Al Yankovic back when he had facial hair and glasses.

  • ArcaneFinale
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    Yet another entry in “Title has nothing to do with the actual movie”